Customised materials handling solutions

Worldwide presence of the Lodige Industries Group

As a group, Lödige Industries is structured around various product solutions and regional entities. The focus is on manufacturing machinery, system integration and servicing.

Positive, supportive relationships between the individual companies in the Group mean that each company can act as a strong partner to you as our customer. The worldwide presence of Lodige and close cooperation benefit you directly by generating important synergy effects as a result of international knowledge transfer, the group's strength and the ability of the various companies to access shared services internally. At the same time, our system of quality management guarantees high levels of product and service quality.

As a group with international operations, we are able to respond to your project needs with a personal touch worldwide.


  • Lödige Industries GmbH, Warburg/Scherfede (Germany)
  • Lödige Fördertechnik GmbH, Paderborn (Germany)
  • Lödige Machine Warburg GmbH, Warburg/Scherfede (Germany)
  • Lödige Systems GmbH, Warburg/Scherfede (Germany)
  • EDUC GmbH, Warburg/Scherfede (Germany)
  • LogIT GmbH, Rödermark (Germany)
  • Lödige Benelux, s'Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) -
  • Lodige Scandinavia ApS, Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Lödige UK Ltd., London (Great Britain) -
  • Lödige Systems UK Ltd., London (Great Britain) -
  • Lödige Ireland Ltd, Dublin (Ireland)
  • Lödige (Schweiz) AG, Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Lödige GmbH, Wien (Austria)
  • Lödige Machine SRL, Brasov (Romania)


  • Lödige Asia Ltd., Hong Kong
  • Lödige Systems (Beijing) Ltd., Beijing (China)
  • Lödige Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Lödige Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Loedige Systems India Pvt. Ltd, Delhi (India)
  • Loedige Asia Limited, Sydney (Australia)  

Middle East:

  • Lödige Systems Middle East  L.L.C,
    Dubai  (United Arab Emirates)
  • Lödige Systems (Middle East) L.L.C,
    Doha (State of Qatar)
  • Lödige Systems L.L.C
    Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)


  • Lödige USA Inc., New York (USA)

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