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SHERPA 和 ESCORTA 货用电梯是运输重达 4,500 kg 货物的理想解决方案。


SHERPA 是仅运载货物时的理想选择。如需兼载多名人员与货物,则 ESCORTA 是理想的解决方案。


Goods lift measurements to suit your needs
Lödige Industries offers tailor-made goods lifts to meet your requirements. The size of your lift cabin depends on a number of factors: the size and number of the goods to be transported, whether you're using trucks and trolleys and whether or not you want your staff to accompany the goods in the lift. Cabin height can be adjusted to suit the goods you are transporting. Check out the cabin dimensions for the types of goods lifts we offer for loads up to 4,500 kg. For more information on finding the right size of cabin for you and your business, we recommend our whitepaper.


 Need to transport more than 4,500 kg?   Check out our heavy duty goods lifts here.


SHERPA 载货专用电梯是仅运载货物时的理想选择。SHERPA 采用独立式电梯结构交付,无需地坑,可轻松整合到现有建筑物和货架系统中。



为方便兼载多名乘客与货物,ESCORTA 货用电梯堪称理想选择。与 SHERPA 一样,它可以轻松整合到现有建筑物或货架系统中,并可搬运重达 4,500 kg 的货物。



Do you have questions about our goods lifts or are you interested in one of our models? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us at: +49 5642 7020 or send an e-mail to: Our team will be pleased to tell you more about our SHERPA and ESCORTA goods lifts.