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The highs and lows of storage demand for warehouse distribution centres

As the UK faces more potential restrictions, warehouse distribution centres need to be ready for anything with reliable commercial lifts.

Uncertainty about the future over the next few months is affecting the majority of industries. A lot of retail companies have started selling online and now that there is a strong possibility of further restrictions, warehouse distribution centres are bracing themselves for a surge in demand for efficient storage for both retailers, eCommerce businesses, and businesses that do a mix of both.

The number of people buying online soared since the initial lockdowns caused by the pandemic. In March 2020 41% of people were buying more online than previously, but by February 2021 that number had boosted dramatically to 71%. The value of internet retail sales monthly in the United Kingdom has increased by 50% over the pandemic.

If there are more restrictions put into place, the need for warehouse distribution may well rise, and as they lesson fall again, before rising for seasonal reasons such as the planned platinum jubilee, the summer holidays, Halloween, and of course, Christmas.

Commercial lifts need to be reliable to meet the rises and falls in demand for warehouse distribution centres, and whilst regular servicing and repair can help maintain an existing lift if repairs become too regular it might be time to think about replacing existing systems. This needn’t be disruptive to business.

Warehouse distribution systems with Lödige

At Lödige, when a customer became increasingly frustrated with ongoing delays caused by an unreliable commercial lift and wanted a new system put into place. The lift needed to move heavy items between floors with 2 stops in a busy warehouse easily and safely. They decided on a SHERPA system, with a goods only lifts from Lödige which are flexible in that they can be installed in new or existing layouts.

Another client needed more stops - 5 stops over a distance of 15 metres that can move 2,000kg at a time. On this project the customer needed both goods only and with attendant lift, so used one SHERPA goods only lift, and one Escorta goods with attendant lift.

If you’re looking at servicing and maintenance, or maybe replacing an unreliable system, get in touch with Lödige.