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Automated parking system enabling 47 spaces for The Eddy

Space saving automated parking on unconventional footprint in Ottawa

In 2015, Lödige Industries installed the first automated parking system in Ottawa for Windmill Developments. It enables parking for 47 cars and serves residential parking in “The Eddy” building. The Eddy is a six storey condo tower, containing 52 condos and was designed by Christopher Simmonds Architects. The building is conceived, designed and constructed to protect and enhance the local community and its ecosystems.

Ottawa, Canada

Completion date:
April 2015

Windmill Developments

Maximising the amount of parking spaces on restricted unconventional footprint

Our customer Windmill Developments’ main challenge of this building was an unconventional footprint and therefor required a unique customized parking solution. This parking solution on the one hand needed to use less space, but at the same time create enough parking spaces to provide to the condo owners. The 5BY2 pallet-based technology from Lödige Industries enabled a maximum of parking slots and reduced the required space. Key success factor of the 5BY2 technology, especially for this project at The Eddy, is the flexibility of integrating the automated parking system into almost any footprint. Flexibility, in combination with the removal of a need for an access ramp, generated 47 parking spaces for Windmill Developments within The Eddy project. A conventional parking garage was neither feasible and nor would it have been able to provide enough parking spaces.

About Windmill Developments

Windmill Development Group (“Windmill”), based in Ottawa, Canada is a visionary company dedicated to transforming conventional development practices by using a triple bottom line approach to the projects. This ensures that strong ecological, social and financial returns are achieved in all projects. Everything is conceived, designed and constructed to protect and enhance the local community and its ecosystems.

Facts and figures

Resident car park

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47 cars

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Number of levels:

Solution and benefits for Windmill Developments

  • Lödige installed an automated parking system with 5BY2 parking technology in order to flexibly use the buildings footprint.
  • Due to this flexibility of the automated parking system, the amount of parking spaces was maximised. This flexibility is the key success factor for The Eddy.
  • Providing a comfortable parking experience for the condo owners und users, entry and exit to the 5BY2 system is granted via radio transmitter.
  • In comparison to conventional parking processes, automated parking reduces emissions significantly and therefor goes in line with Windmill Developments’ approach of enhancing the local environment.