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Russia’s first fully automated cargo terminal supplied and supported by Lödige Industries

Lödige Industries equips Sheremetyevo cargo terminal for Moscow Cargo

In 2017, Lödige Industries handed over Russia’s first fully automated ULD Handling System at Sheremetyevo Airport to Moscow Cargo. Sheremetyevo is the top Russian airport in terms of cargo traffic, processing over 380,000 tonnes of cargo annually and growing.

About the project and airport

Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) is a central passenger and cargo stop in Russia where nearly all flights through Russia and beyond make their first stop in Russia. There have been major investments at SVO in recent years, including the new passenger terminal being completed in time for the football world cup in 2018. Moscow Cargo is the only freight handler at Sheremetyevo airport and thus wanted to expand with the airport. The Management wanted to set new standards with the help and knowledge of Lödige by investing in a fully automated system that would enable Moscow Cargo to.

What were the challenges and beneficial outcomes for Moscow Cargo?

With the new air cargo terminal, at least 60% of production processes are automated. It exceeds other facilities in Russia on technical equipment and was therefore recognised in July 2019, as the most modern and high-tech cargo facility in Eurasia. This fast track project which was completed in 12 months, is handling over a 1000 tons per day. The overall cargo traffic volume of Moscow Cargo has grown 35% from January to November 2017. Moreover, transfer cargo volume for international flights has grown 80% at Sheremetyevo airport. In the new terminal, completion of unit’s assembly is about 1.5 to 2 hours faster than before speeding up processes significantly.

Lödige Industries served as a one-stop-shop for Moscow Cargo in that project. Design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the new air cargo system was provided by Lödige. The new terminal provides container and bulk storage of goods, combined in a single automated control system. The container handling system serves 3,000 pallet cargo storage positions and the ULD system 576 unit loading devices (ULD) of which 60 ULDs are temperature-sensitive. Sheremetyevo airport terminal is unique in Russia in providing perishable storage. The system includes 29 stations for receiving and delivering cargo. Two stations each are reserved for heavy/oversized cargo and express/courier cargo. An integrated x-ray scanner was installed in order to make processes faster and more precise. Moreover, forklift guidance and terminal analytics are provided with the cargo handling system.

The Lödige terminal warehouse system collects all process related data and provides it to the terminal cargo system of Moscow Cargo. This airline cargo system in turn, enables detailed insight into performance and efficiency for the customers are provided with a track control, where information about the stage of transportation and temperature is displayed.

About the customer

Sheremetyevo International Airport plans to establish itself as the leading European hub for cargo flows. By 2024 due to ever increasing demands, Moscow Cargo expects following a second phase expansion to handle more than 700,000 tons air freight at their new hub.

With 42,300 square meter area, Moscow Cargo’s terminal is the largest in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe. Its route network serves over 200 destinations.  In 2017, Moscow Cargo LLC handled over 240 thousand tons of cargo and mail, which accounted for 44.5% of the total volume of freight and postal transportation of the Moscow Aviation Hub (UIA) and 21.5% of the total volume of air transportation in Russia. Moscow Cargo LLC is the largest Russian ground handling company for air cargo and postal services and the main cargo operator at Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Project details

  • Client: Moscow Cargo
  • Location: Sheremetyevo Airport
  • Completion date: 2017
  • Capacity: 380,000 tonnes per year
  • Gross area: 42,300 m²


  • ASRS storage positions: 3,000
  • ULD storage positions: 576
  • Cooled storage positions: 60
  • Elevating transfer vehicles: 3
  • Dolly interfaces on airside: 12
  • Elevating Work Stations: 24
  • Powered roller decks: 200
  • Truck docks: 2
  • Slave pallet mover: 2
  • Slave pallets: 20
  • Floor scales: 10

Challenges of Moscow Cargo at Sheremetyevo Airport

  • Along with the new passenger terminal completed in time for the football world cup in 2018, Moscow Cargo, being the only freight handler at Sheremetyevo, wanted to expand with the airport.
  • Moreover, Moscow Cargo wanted to establish Sheremetyevo as the leading European hub for cargo flows, which led to a challenging fast track expansion.
  • The goal for Moscow Cargo was to provide the cargo handling capacity required for Sheremetyevo’s ambitious expansion plans.
  • By investing in the first fully automated cargo system in Russia, Moscow Cargo was following the aim of setting modern and high-tech standards.
  • One major requirement in modernising the cargo facility for Moscow Cargo was to optimize their cargo processes, which they in turn can offer to their customers.

Solutions and benefits for Moscow Cargo

  • This fast track project was completed in 12 months and is handling over a 1000 tons of cargo per day.
  • In only nine months from January 2017, the cargo traffic volume of Moscow Cargo increased by 35%.
  • At least 60% of production processes are automated exceeding other facilities in Russia on technical equipment.
  • In order to design processes faster and more precise, x-ray and volume metric scanners were installed and forklift guidance as well as terminal analytics were introduced, leading to 1.5 to 2 hours faster completion of unit’s assembly.
  • Implemented Terminal Analytics collect all process related data within the cargo terminal system and enabling detailed insight into performance and efficiency, not only for Moscow Cargo, but also for their customers.

Customer Review

“The Lödige manufactured system enables production processes to reach an automation level of 60 percent.”

- Vladimir Fedorenko, General Director of Moscow Cargo


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