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Pallet based automated car parking system CUBILE P

Pallet based technology

The pallet based automated car parking system CUBILE P is an interesting solution for creating up to 50 parking spaces.

Drivers park their car  on a pallet in a cabin. The cabin is the only interface between the driver and the car park. From this point everything is automatic. The door of the cabin closes and the car is transported downwards by lift. From there the car standing on the pallet is brought to a free parking space via roller conveyors.

The pallet based parking system CUBILE P is characterized by a very compact design. From the lift the pallets with the vehicles are moved directly to adjacent parking spaces. Car parking and removal follows according the puzzle principle.

Already in 1998, Lödige Industries installed a pallet based parking system in a listed building in Duderstadt. The car park has 60 parking spaces and is used as a hotel car parking, but also available to the public.

Benefits of the pallet based system CUBILE P

  • Recommended for office buildings and residential areas
  • Easy retrofit in existing buildings
  • For up to 50 cars
  • Pallet based technology
  • Flexible use of space
  • High availability rates


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CUBILE S (> 50 cars)

The automated car park system CUBILE S offers palletless parking technology for public buildings with a parking capacity of more than 50 cars. The highest possible throughput and particularly high availability are the huge advantages of this car park system.

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CUBILE S (> 50 cars)

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