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Car Park System installed in oak frame building in Duderstadt

March 1995 | Duderstadt, Lower Saxony, Germany

A bespoke car park system for the maximum convenience

60 parking spaces in an area of 13 x 35 m: the car park system in an historic, half-timbered building in the German town of Duderstadt combines space-saving parking with convenience.

Vehicles are conveyed to available parking spaces fully automatically and then transported to the exit as required. Six cars can be manoeuvred out in eight minutes, as tested and confirmed by the ADAC (Germany's automobile club). A system design known as the Lift and Run concept delivers a high level of effectiveness. 

Facts and figures

Duderstadt, Germany

Completion date:
Mar 1995

Public car park

60 cars

Dimensions of the car park system:
13 x 35 m

Icon system type


The solution used in Duderstadt clearly demonstrates the benefits of the fully automated car park systems provided by Lödige:

  • Parking spaces provided even where space is at a premium
  • Higher parking density than with conventional systems
  • Successful integration into existing buildings
  • Improved vehicle security (against vandalism)
  • No unnecessary emissions or noise pollution
  • Increased personal safety

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