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Music centre Frits Philips

September 2016 Eindhoven, the Netherlands

In August 2016 Lödige Benelux successfully installed a LorryLift at the music centre in Eindhoven. With a load capacity of 30 t the lift can easily raise trucks up to 6 meters high.

This has the advantage, that heavy and valuable objects do not have to be precariously carried from floor to floor. Not only is this new process faster, but also safer. Safety is assured by an access restricting fence surrounding the whole platform. Traffic lights help the driver to correctly position the truck.

Lödige Machine Warburg GmbH in Scherfede was responsible for designing and manufacturing.

Technical Data

TypGiant ES - Single-scissor truck lift
Load capacity30,000 kg
Lifting height6,100 mm
Platform dimensions (L x W)14,000 x 3,000 mm
Lifting speed0.04 m/s
Tare weight32,000 kg
Electrical power30 kW
Permissible wheel load7,500 kg

Special Features

  • 1.100 mm high fence on each of the four sides
  • Traffic lights for positioning the truck and alerting drivers when to stop and when to proceed
  • Electrically controlled valves at the hydraulic cylinders to prevent lowering of the platform during loading / unloading
  • Platform, scissor arms, base frame lacquered with RAL colour

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