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One Hyde Park

June 2009 London (GB)

Technical Data - LorryLift Hyde Park

TypGiant ES - Single Scissor Lift
Load capacity30,000 kg
Lift car dimensions (L x W x H)12,600 x 4,300 x 4,000 mm
Lifting height6,900 mm
No. of stops / accesses2 / 2 90° through car
Closed height2,340 mm
Dead weight62,700 kg
Hydraulic power pack2 x 90 KW
Travel speed200 mm/s
Pit (L x W x D)12,720 x 5,730 x 2,500 mm

Special Features

  • Platform with covering stainless steel durbar plates
  • Platform, scissor arms, base frame lacquered with RAL colour
  • Closed lift car with stainless steel wall panels
  • Automatic, centre opening, telescopic car/landing slide doors (product Peelle) 8 - panel, stainless steel grit 240
  • Hydraulically operated pawl device for upper level to prevent lowering of the platform during loading/unloading
  • 4 steel columns for guidance and pawl device
  • Vibration isolation to the building for the base frame and pawl device
  • Traffic lights in the lift car for the lorry lift positioning and in front of the landing doors to alert drivers when to stop and when to proceed


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