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Automated storage and retrieval vehicle for the comp- and driveover long good storage

July 2001 SEW-USOCOME, France

Project Description

Long good storage system
The ASRS machine runs on rails located on top of the steel construction of the storage rack. The storage and retrieval is carried out fully automatic. The steel construction of the cantilever racking system is designed in such a way that access slots exist between the vertical beams and the horizontal bearings. The load handling device of the ASRS machine is lowered into these slots. The long good cartridges are picked or placed with a telescopic device.

ASRS machine
The ASRS machine is equipped with a vertical movable load handling device with telescopic loading units.

Peripheral equipment
Roller decks are used at the retrieval positions of the storage system and a transfer vehicle is used to connect the infeed positions with the storage system to handle the material and cartridges outside the storage rack.