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Platform lift for barrier-free buildings

VERTIC Plus - comfort, convenience and good design

The VERTIC Plus is a platform lift that perfectly combines comfort, convenience and good design.

The entire shaft consists of high-strength aluminum sections to create a product featuring a high level of stability and safety. The generously-sized areas of glass on the shaft and doors underline the platform lift's open feel. Through its modern design, the VERTIC Plus lift contributes to the building’s architecture.

Very small shaft dimensions with accessible platform dimensions (1,100 x 1,400 mm) allow installation in places where space is particularly limited. Hence the VERTIC Plus is a perfect solution for single-family houses.

Technical data in the overview

TypeLifting capacity
Platform (W x L)
Shaft (W x L)
Installation dimensions
(W x L)
Door width (W x L)
VERTIC Plus L0.1400 kg1,100 x 1,440 mm1,300 x 1,580 mm1,340 x 1,620 mm900 mm
VERTIC Plus L0.2400 kg 1,200 x 1,440 mm 1,400 x 1,580 mm1,440 x 1,620 mm900 mm

Technical data only for planning purposes. Subject to change.


  • Very small footprint
  • Masonry shaft not necessary
  • Low maintenance
  • No pit required
  • Certified product quality (TÜV certification)
  • 230 V (only an electric socket required)

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