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Platform lift VERTIC 5000

Accessibility for multi-story buildings

The VERTIC platform lift from Lödige Industries is one of the ways to make buildings accessible across several levels. It is a perfect solution for both public and private buildings. 

Due to its compact design, the VERTIC can be easily integrated into single-family homes as a so-called "home lift" or "private lift". The feel and look are evidence of a sophisticated lift that is convincing in a demanding private environment as well as in apartment buildings and schools. The VERTIC creates barrier-free access where stairs alone are not an option.

The structural adjustments in the building are kept to a minimum due to the compact and free-standing design.. Thanks to its small installation dimensions (from 1.2 x 1.4 m floor space), the VERTIC can be easily installed in confined spaces. The VERTIC is supplied complete with a free-standing shaft and does not require a separate machine room. A pit can also be dispensed with.  

As a cost-effective alternative to the classic passenger lift, the VERTIC is a central added value for every building The decision to design or retrofit a building to make it barrier-free is also always an investment in quality of life. With its generous glass surfaces and attractive shaft, our platform lift fits perfectly into any environment and at the same time contributes to its design.

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  • Certified product quality (TÜV certification)
  • Masonry shaft not necessary
  • No separate machine room necessary
  • No pit required
  • Inexpensive age-appropriate conversion possible
  • Lift suitable for the disabled
  • Subsidies from the nursing care insurance fund possible (Germany)
  • Suitable for installation in schools and other public buildings
  • Can be operated with a conventional 230V electric socket

Technical Data VERTIC 5000

TypeLifting capacity
Platform (WxL)
Shaft (WxL)
Installation dimensions
Door width (WxL)
VERTIC 5000 C5.1 500 kg 1,000 x 1,500 mm 1,360 x 1,520 mm 1,400 x 1,630 mm 900 mm
VERTIC 5000 C5.2500 kg 1,100 x 1,500 mm 1,460 x 1,520 mm 1,500 x 1,630 mm 900 mm
VERTIC 5000 C5.3500 kg 1,100 x 1,630 mm1,460 x 1,650 mm1,500 x 1,760 mm900 mm
VERTIC 5000 C5.4500 kg 800 x 1,250 mm1,160 x 1,270 mm 1,200 x 1,380 mm 900 mm
VERTIC 5000 C5.5500 kg 900 x 1,500 mm 1,260 x 1,520 mm 1,300 x 1,630 mm 900 mm
VERTIC 5000 C5.6500 kg 1,000 x 1,300 mm1,360 x 1,320 mm1,400 x 1,430 mm 900 mm
VERTIC 5000 C5.7500 kg 1,100 x 1,400 mm1,460 x 1,420 mm 1,500 x 1,530 mm 900 mm

Technical data only for planning purposes. Subject to change.

Possible applications of VERTIC:

Single-family detached home

Passenger lifts can enable and simplify the horizontal transportation of people in your home.

The VERTIC platform lift is the perfect lift for single-family homes. Modernise your property with a private lift and gain mobility on all floors.

Apartment houses

Passenger lifts can be used in apartment buildings to ensure barrier-free access to all floors. On the other hand, it is possible to enable residents and any accessories (bicycles, prams or luggage) to be transported quickly and comfortably to their respective floors.

The VERTIC passenger lift is extremely space-saving and retrofitting is possible.

Office buildings

With passenger lifts you create access for all floors in your office building.

The VERTICAR passenger lift enables a barrier-free workplace and is particularly suitable for retrofitting as a space-saving installation.


A passenger lift is essential for hotels. Next to stairs, a lift is the barrier-free option for reaching all levels of your hotel.

Our VERTIC passenger lift offers you the possibility to provide your hotel with an automatic horizontal transport of people. With its stylish glass design, the VERTIC fits perfectly into any environment.

Event and Shopping Centres

With the help of a passenger lift, you can make reaching all levels of an event and shopping centre barrier-free and comfortable.

Our VERTIC passenger lift can be installed in both new and existing buildings. With its many glass facades, it offers a simple design that blends in well with all environments.

Flexible solutions for people transport

Modern and stylish

Lift Solutions

High performance lifts for goods and passenger transport

As specialists in lift technology, we develop advanced solutions for conveying goods, cars and passengers in the field of vertical transportation.  

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Lift Solutions


A flexible solution for passenger transportation, which can be easily installed in all types of buildings. Perfect combination of style and functionality.

Max. load capacity: 
1,000 kg (14 persons)

Max. lifting height:
45 m

1,0 m/s

Pit necessary 

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A platform stair lift, which can be installed for use on both straight and curved stairs. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Max. load capacity: 
300 kg

Max. lifting height:
several floors

0,11 m/s

No pit necessary 

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