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Outdoor platform lift

VERTIC Outdoor - barrier-free access from outside

The VERTIC Outdoor lift always becomes an attractive barrier-free solution when internal floor space is uncompromised and therefore installation space within the building is not possible.

Due to an extensive range of options available, there can be a high degree of compatibility between the VERTIC Outdoor lift and the living environment. For instance, the access to the lift can be arranged on three different sides. The shaft can be positioned either on the corner or on the opposite side of the building. Also the shaft and platform can vary in colour to match the design.

These are only a couple of examples, how this outdoor lift can be adjusted. We understand perfectly, that each building has its own character and decision-makers have their own visions. Hence in order to meet both requirements of properties and individual needs, we offer customised solutions.

Technical data in the overview

Type Lifting capacity Platform (W x L) Shaft (W x L) Installation dimensions
(W x L)
Door width
VERTIC Outdoor C5.1 500 kg  1,000 x 1,500 mm 1,360 x 1,520mm 1,400 x 1,630mm 900 mm
VERTIC Outdoor C5.2 500 kg  1,100 x 1,500 mm 1,460 x 1,520 mm 1,500 x 1,630 mm 900 mm
VERTIC Outdoor C5.3 500 kg  1,100 x 1,630 mm 1,460x 1,650 mm 1,500 x 1,760 mm 900 mm


Technical data only for planning purposes. Subject to change.


  • Very small footprint
  • Masonry shaft not necessary
  • Low maintenance
  • No pit required
  • Certified product quality (TÜV certification)
  • 230 V (only an electric socket required)

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