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Car Park System for Dokk1 in Aarhus

June 2015 | Aarhus, Denmark

Urban area with the maximally comfortable parking system

The car park system in Dokk1 in Aarhus (Urban Mediaspace Aarhus) is the Europe's largest automatic car park. It accommodates almost 1000 cars and a single car can be parked within 40 - 60 sec.

Dokk1 is the central project for the transformation of Aarhus inner harbor from an industrial into an urban area. The new waterfront areas are now an important link between the city center and the Baltic Sea. The architectural design was prepared by Schmidt Hammer Lassen.

Facts and figures

Lodige References

Aarhus, Denmark

Completion date:

Public car park

972 cars

CUBILE (palletless)

Dimensions of the car park system:
(L x W x D): 82.4 m x 100.5 m x 5.3 m

Number of levels:
3 (Underground)

Gross area / volume per parking space:
25.5 m2 / 45.6 m3

Number of aisles / transfer cabins / transfer vehicles: 4 / 20 / 24

Time to park a car:
40 - 60 sec per car

Retrieval time:
below 200 sec per car


  1. Aarhus new Main library and Citizens Services (future media and municipal services)
  2. Central project for the transformation of Aarhus inner harbour from industrial to urban space
  3. The new waterfront spaces will become an important link between the city centre and the bay

Solution and benefits

  1. Improves the Cityscape: consume substantially less space
  2. Higher packing density comparing to traditional car parks
  3. Comfortable and time-saving parking
  4. Increased social safety

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