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   OLYMPUS - Detailed technical data

Hektor 1821 Poseidon 1924 Odysseus 2026 Hera 2227 Zeus 2329
Cabin width1,8001,9002,0002,2002,300
Cabin depth2,1002,4002,6002,7002,900
Cabin height2,2002,2002,6002,6002,600
Entrance width1,8001,9002,0002,2002,300
Entrance height2,1002,1002,5002,5002,500
Shaft widthmin. 2,900min. 3,050min. 3,200min. 3,500min. 3,650
Shaft depthmin. 2,520min. 2,820min. 3,020min. 3,120min. 3,320
Pith depthmax. 1,500max. 1,500max. 1,500max. 1,500max. 1,500
Shaft headmin. 3,900min. 3,900min. 4,300min. 4,300min. 4,300
Herkules 2533 Atlas S 2540 Atlas M 2550 Atlas L 3050 Atlas XL 4060
Cabin width2,5002,5002,5003,0004,000
Cabin depth3,3004,0005,0005,0006,000
Cabin height2,6002,6002,8003,0004,000
Entrance width2,5002,5002,5003,0004,000
Entrance height2,5002,5002,7002,9003,900
Shaft widthmin. 3,950min. 3,940min. 3,940min. 4,200min. 5,520
Shaft depthmin. 3,720min. 4,420min. 5,420min. 5,510min. 7,050
Pith depthmax. 1,500max. 1,500max. 1,500max. 1,800max. 2,400
Shaft headmin. 4,300min. 4,300min. 4,500min. 4,700min. 5,700
Lifting Heights:3,000 – 25,000 mm
Stations:2 – 8
Entrances:on top of each other or vis-à-vis
Doors:4 parts / 6 parts
Machine room:Located at lowest stop adjacent to lift shaft
Drive:oil aggregate with screwspindel pump
Speed:0.25 - 0.60 m/s
Hydraulic unit:Submersible
Steering:Lödige LPS-Steering, microprocessor technology:
with emergency mode, firefighter circuit, priority circuit, load-limiting device,
monitoring and failure indication system, possibility of circuit entering of the
data to a GLT, emergency call with voice communication:
cabin – machine room – reception / permanent manned place.

Technical data only for planning purposes. Subject to change.