SERWA Mezz Lift Installed for Shipston Self Storage in 4 days

Due to the self-storage unit having storage space split over two levels, the customer had always planned to install a goods lift to make the movement of goods up to the mezzanine easier, but had no timeline or specific product in mind. For almost 10 years, goods were carried up the stairs to be housed on the higher level. The low cost and impressive short delivery and install time of the Serwa helped business owner Mick Hutchings, decide the time was right to move forward.

Following installation of the SERWA mezzanine goods lift, moving heavy furniture 3 metres up to the 1st floor units is no problem. The lift is easy to use and very efficient, much time has been saved by removing the need to carry goods up the stairs.

Shipston Self Storage offers a flexible and affordable service to its customers and is armed with CCTV and individual unit intruder alarms. The centre is based on Blackwell Business Park in Warwickshire which was a family run dairy farm until 1999. Mick Hutchings decided at this time to turn the farm buildings into business units and, subsequently, self-storage, the site is still family owned. There are a number of local businesses housed at Blackwell Business Park due to the wonderful location. The village of Blackwell which surrounds the park is a tranquil, calm rural setting.

Mick Hutchings, owner of the Blackwell Business Park commented; “I am impressed and so are my clients. It has made. Everything was really good with the Lödige team and the installation engineers were top notch.”

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