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Residents benefit from space-saving PEGASOS in apartment building

Elegant apartment building in the modern residential area of Königstein gets more parking space through boundary development with PEGASOS car lift.

Königstein, Germany

Completion date:
11 / 2014

Resident Building 

In the wooded slopes of the Taunus mountains in the catchment area of Frankfurt lies the climatic health resort of Königstein. People who want to escape the big city find a pleasant home in this modern and preferred residential area outside of Frankfurt. Rents have been rising throughout the Frankfurt area for many years. Also in Königstein rents are well above the average in Germany. 

Many residents and commuters in this region are dependent on own cars because of public transport connections. Anyone who has visited Königstein is familiar with the parking conditions: hilly, narrow streets lead to a low number of parking spaces. The owner of this project was faced with the question of how living space could be designed attractively despite the rising prices and lack of parking spaces?

The Karl Dudler Architects had a vision for the centrally located private building in the heart of Königstein: a modern and comfortable apartment building with straight and clear structures, consisting of 2- and 4-room flats.

The parking space regulation for Königstein determines that flats over 60 m² must offer two parking spaces per flat and flats over 150 m² even three parking spaces per flat. Should an owner not be able to provide enough parking spaces, for example due to a lack of space, a redemption fee of €13,000 per parking space has to be paid. 
Due to the limited property area, only 4 parking spaces could have been built in the conventional way, with the use of an access ramp. By eliminating the space-intensive ramp and in combination with space-saving double parkers, the PEGASOS ® car lift now provides space for all 16 parking spaces required by the parking space regulations in the underground car park. By making full use of the available space, the owner also saved the possible redemption fee.

In addition to the narrowly built streets of the spa town, the property also made it difficult to plan the required parking spaces. The ground plan becomes narrower and narrower from the street to the rear and also has no straight boundary at the sides. Due to its low shaft head height, the PEGASOS® car lift offers the ideal solution here, as this model can be used as a boundary development and could thus make optimal use of the wider property frontage. 

Installed in November 2014, Lödige Industries was able to successfully implement the architects' vision with the PEGASOS ® car lift. As the shaft head in this project was installed outside the building and thanks to the narrow shaft geometry of the lift, it looks like a single garage from the outside when equipped with roller doors, which underlines the modern design of the building. The PEGASOS car lift also stands out for its ease of installation, as this model does not require a pit and can thus reduce underground engineering costs. Also, a machine room is not required. Residents can easily reach the desired floor with the help of a remote control.  

The building, which was completed in November 2014, is a KfW Efficiency House (55). Thanks to reduced drive power and higher efficiency, the PEGASOS is significantly more energy-efficient than hydraulic car lifts and can therefore also be used in KfW-efficient houses, as here in Königstein.

We are pleased to have achieved an all-round positive result for the customer. The car lift is maintained by Lödige Industries as part of a service contract.

Facts and figures


Lifting capacity:
2.700 kg

Lifting height & Stops:
4.520 mm, 2 stops


  • Due to the surroundings and the layout of the building, the owner was in need of a space-saving parking solution. The property also did not have a straight boundary at the side.
  • The parking space regulations in Königstein set a precise number or parking spaces for residential buildings, which could not be achieved here using the conventional way, an access ramp. Thus, the owner was threatened with a high redemption sum.

Solution & Benefits

  • Since the conditions of the property meant that only a boundary construction was possible, the PEGASOS® car lift offers the ideal solution here: due to its low shaft head height, this model can be used as a boundary construction.
  • Due to the outside installed shaft head and the narrow shaft geometry of the lift, it looks like a single garage from the outside when equipped with elegant roller doors.
  • The owner could reduce civil engineering costs due to the simple installation and the fact that this model does not require a pit.
  • Compared to hydraulic car lifts, the PEGASOS is significantly more energy-efficient thanks to reduced drive power and higher efficiency.


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