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Baggage Hall ULD handling

Technology to reduce operating costs and improve passenger experience

Fast and reliable, our baggage hall ULD handling solutions optimise ULD transportation within passenger terminals. As the size of airports grows, automated solutions become an integral part of the end to end passenger experience. The ergonomy of our products reduces stress and improves staff health.

Lödige Industries’ sorting and loading systems for baggage ULDs lead the way in speed, cost-efficiency and safety. Prepare for minimal connecting times.

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Ergonomic and highly efficient interface between automated baggage handling systems and ULD transportation mechanism

Luggage is transferred semi-automatically from the conveyor system to the ULD container. Operation via joysticks or remote control enables the items of luggage to be lined up, and removes the need for strenuous or repetitive manual loading.


  • Supports peak flow efficiently and reliably
  • High process reliability due to automation
  • Reduces stress and injury at the workplace
  • Single operator handles large number of items
  • Easily integrates into existing systems

ULD Loading Station

Lödige Industries has developed a ULD loading station designed to increase safety and efficiency levels while loading baggage into ULD containers. The design has been used at major airports like London Heathrow to facilitate and speed up baggage ULD loading and unloading.

This inhouse Lödige product ensures the safe and effective handling of ULD’s during the transfer process on the apron. Ball units give a smooth and light transfer from/to the dollies, whilst the addition of pneumatically driven pads and stop pins ensure the ULD is safely held in position for loading and unloading. 


  • Supports peak flow efficiently and reliably
  • Reduces stress and injury at the workplace

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