Lift Modernisation

Quickly return your existing lifts to reliable performance at an affordable cost

Older lifts often have significant reliability problems. Modernising your existing lift can improve performance and reliability. This enables you to use your existing installation more effectively, avoid high investment costs for completely new lifts and cut running costs from the use of new energy efficient motor systems.  Reusing key elements of your existing lift cuts down on waste material and resource whilst new components bring higher levels of safety and performance reducing the risk of passenger accidents and improving passenger ride quality and journey.

Our highly qualified technicians are able to provide an in-depth analysis and advise you what is appropriate for your particular equipment and can complete the job quickly, sometimes in only four to six weeks for simpler modernisations.

Whether you have a lift in residential property, hospital, office or industrial unit, get in touch today to find out how we can quickly make your lifts reliable and safe again.

Modernisation of lifts brings many advantages including:

Increased availability
Increased safety
Increased lifetime
Increased levelling accuracy (reducing potential trip hazards)
Access to remote monitoring to reduce downtime
Compliance with legal safety requirements where mandated
No longer dependent on one company (no locked controllersystem)

Successful relocation of 1,000kg SHERPA goods lift for JTI

As JTI's preferred partner, we provided seamless support in relocating their 1,000kg SHERPA Goods Lift, contributing to the optimisation of JTI's building layout and the enhancement of their workflow efficiency.


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Services Offered

  • Hassle-Free Lift Relocation and Technical Adjustments:
    When it comes to moving your lift to a new location, we take care of all the technical aspects, which may involve modifications to controls, mechanical adjustments, and the addition of new components.
  • Complete On-Site Modernisation for Enhanced Performance:
    We enable your lift equipment to operate with advanced precision and reliability by conducting a complete on-site modernisation. Our team of professionals will work reliably to boost your lift's efficiency.
  • Upgraded Controls for Reliable Performance:
    Whether it's installing a brand-new control cabinet or replacing specific parts, we aim to make your lift operation safer and more efficient. Trust us to upgrade your lift controls for precision and reliability.
  • Component Replacement and Upgrading for Enhanced Functionality:
    Enhance your lift's functionality by replacing and upgrading drive components, safety technology, and data communications, empowering it to deliver optimal performance.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Services for Peace of Mind:
    Stay connected and informed with our real-time monitoring services. Our state-of-the-art remote solutions empower you to oversee your lift's status from anywhere, backed by our dedicated support team.
  • Safety at the Core by Retrofitting Lift Technology:
    Prioritise safety with our retrofitting of cutting-edge safety technology, ensuring your lift adheres to the latest safety regulations and safeguards your passengers and staff.

With you all the way

1. Analysis/Proposal

Our team of experts reviews your existing documentation. Based on this and our subsequent onsite assessment we develop a clear and transparent modernisation proposal as the basis for your decision.

2. Manufacture

We source and manufacture all elements of your project. Our own manufacturing plants utilise renewable energy in manufacturing your equipment in Germany (100% RE) and Romania (60% RE).

3. Completion

We take on the complete project management, installation, and commissioning of the modernisation. Hand-over includes a site acceptance test, certification, documentation for your system as well as personnel training.

4. Maintenance

We offer bespoke maintenance services to guarantee your lift operates reliably and at the required performance levels. Lödige experts take full responsibility for the performance and long term condition of your lift.

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