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Where we come from - Our History

Moving heavy goods made easy - since 1948

Formation and expansion - 1948-1965

The company is formed by the founder Dipl.-Ing Alois Lödige, in Paderborn, Germany in 1948. Just a year later, the first product, the "Hubfix", is introduced at the first industrial trade show in Frankfurt. The company experiences early sucess with its initial set of products aimed at facilitating post-war reconstruction activities. By 1965 a new expanded production location is needed and found in Warburg/Scherfede.  

Ten years before "Dipl.-Ing. A. Lödige Maschinenfabrik" was founded, two Lödige brothers had already submitted a patent for lifting cars.
Production was moved to new facilities in Warburg/Scherfede
1948 Alois Lödige establishes his mechanical engineering company "Dipl.-Ing. A. Lödige Maschinenfabrik" in Paderborn, Germany
1949 The company's first product - the Hubfix - is unveiled in Frankfurt at the first industrial exhibition after the war
1953 Construction of hydraulic lifting platforms with a capacity of up to 100 t
1961 Company's legal status changes to GmbH (private limited company)
1965 New production halls in Warburg/Scherfede

New business areas and new management - 1966-1980


The 1960s sees expansions into new markets and areas of business. By 1966 Lödige Benelux is formed, with a focus on lifting equipment and goods lifts. The first air cargo terminal built by Lödige Industries is inaugurated Schiphol airport in 1975. In 1979 Dr. Rudolf Lödige, nephew of the founder joins the company and takes the reins in 1980. 

1966 Alois Lödige forms Lödige Benelux to serve customers in the Netherlands
1975 First air cargo project: the KLM air cargo terminal at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands
1980 Dr. Rudolf Lödige becomes managing director

Becoming a global player - 1981-2000


Throughout the 80s and 90s, Lödige builds on its successes in the air cargo industry with projects in Germany, the US, the UK and Asia.  In 1992 and 1995 the first automated parking systems are installed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Duderstadt, Germany. In 1999 the British Airways World Cargo Terminal in Heathrow is completed. Around the turn of the millennium the company's work extends to Asia.

1992 First automated parking system is built utilising 5BY2 technology in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1993 Takeover of Hollfelder Elektronik (LogIT GmbH, Rödermark) adds automation process capabilities to our portfolio
1995 First automated parking system built in Duderstadt, Germany
1999 British Airways World Cargo Terminal is completed
2004 New Loedige Asia Ltd. subsidiary is established in Hong Kong
2004 Special lifting platform design for painting the vertical stabilizer of the Airbus A380 at Airbus's Finkenwerder plant in Hamburg

Growth and Innovation of product portfolio - 2005 to 2017


From 2005 to 2017, we have delivered innumerable air cargo terminals, such the Asia Airfreight Terminal, the MASkargo hub and the state-of-the-art Cool Cargo Hub for Finnair. Further, we have expanded our portfolio of lifting equipment to include car lifts and have built lighthouse projects such as Europe's largest automated parking system in Aarhus, Denmark.

2006 Handover of T2 cargo terminal at Hong Kong International Airport to customer AAT Asia Airfreight Terminal
2010 Two lorry lifts are supplied in central London
2011 Won contract by MASkargo to redevelop the air cargo hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia
2011 Handover of air cargo terminal for New Doha International Airport in Qatar
2015 The Europe`s largest public fully automated car park system delivered to DOKK1 in Aarhus (Denmark)
2017 Official opening of Cool Nordic Cargo Hub, Finnair, Helsinki

Constant innovation and expansion of service portfolio – 2018 to today


Since 2018, we continue to constantly innovate our product portfolio in order to help our customers move heavy goods, whether air cargo, cars, goods, trucks or even entire airplanes. With the acquisition of Mecfab Enterprises, a service provider for airport logistics solutions in Australia, and the acquisition of B&B Aufzugsbau, a service provider for lift solutions in Germany, we are following the track to expand and enhance our service portfolio.

2018 Further fully automated parking system for Denmark, launched in BLOX, Copenhagen
2019 dnata City East expands cargo handling at Heathrow with new facility from Lödige Industries
2020 Expanding service portfolio for Airport Logistics Solutions in Down Under with the acquisition of long-time partner Mecfab Enterprises
2020 Acquisition of B&B Aufzugsbau in Berlin to expand service portfolio for lift solutions
2021 Completion of largest pharmaceutical plant in Saudi Arabia for SPIMACO.

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