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Goods lift are the perfect solution for transporting goods between various floor levels. Lödige Industries is a leading manufacturer of high-quality goods lifts (up to 4,500 kg) and heavy duty good lifts. Transporting heavy objects has never been easier.


Goods lifts

For loads up to 4,500 kg, we offer three types of goods lifts: the SERWA (only 999 kg), SHERPA and the ESCORTA. The lifts differ in their application: If you only want to transport goods, then the SERWA up to 999 kg nominal load and the SHERPA goods lift up to 4,500 kg nominal load are right for your project; if you want to transport attendants with the goods, then you should choose an ESCORTA.

The SHERPA is designed for the transport of goods-only, the ESCORTA has cabin equipment and other details that allow the transport of people and goods. Both lifts have a free-standing lift construction and can be easily integrated into existing buildings and racking systems. Due to the complete delivery with shaft, only minimal connections to the building/shelving system are necessary. The installation does not require any structural changes, as neither a lift pit nor a machine room are required.

Automation of multi-storey transport processes with goods and freight lifts from Lödige Industries

The automation module for Lödige goods and freight lifts optimises internal material transport for warehouses and production facilities.


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Why goods lifts from Lödige Industries?

Minimal alteration- maximum impact! 'All-in one' goods lifts from Lödige Industries

Minimal alterations to the building

Installation without pit and without machine room.

Experienced partner for goods lifts

Benefit from our 70 years of experience in lift manufacturing

Eliminate errors and accidents

Keep staff and goods safe, reduce time lost

Maximise your Return on Investment (ROI)

Accelerate goods transportation for a positive impact on your bottom line.

Speed up incoming and departing goods

Fast and smooth storage and retrieval of goods

Reduce dependency on manual labour

Free up staff for higher value tasks and unlock efficiency gains

Goods lifts with up to 4.5 t load capacity and self-standing shaft

Goods lift measurements to suit your needs

Lödige Industries offers tailor-made goods lifts to meet your requirements. The size of your lift cabin depends on a number of factors: the size and number of the goods to be transported, whether you're using trucks and trolleys and whether or not you want your staff to accompany the goods in the lift. Cabin height can be adjusted to suit the goods you are transporting. Check out the cabin dimensions for the types of goods lifts we offer for loads up to 4,500 kg. 


The goods only lift SHERPA is the perfect choice when transporting only goods should be transported. Delivered with a free-standing lift structure and with no pit requirement, SHERPA can be easily integrated into existing buildings and rack systems.


Capacity: max. 4,500 kg

Lifting height: 18 m

Cabin width: 900 to 2,800 mm
Cabin depth: 1,200 to 4,500 mm
Cabin height: 1,800 to 2,800 mm

Attendants not allowed.
Goods only lift.


To facilitate multi-passenger transport with goods, ESCORTA goods lift is a perfect choice. Delivered with a free-standing lift structure and with no pit requirement, ESCORTA can be easily integrated into existing buildings and rack systems.


Capacity: max. 4,500 kg

Lifting height: 18 m

Cabin width: 900 to 2,800 mm
Cabin depth: 1,600 to 4,500 mm
Cabin height: 1,800 to 2,800 mm

Attendants allowed.

Installation without machine room

The control cabinet of the SERWA, SHERPA and ESCORTA goods lifts is generally attached directly to the shaft. A separate machine room is not required. If desired, the control cabinet can also be moved away from the lift shaft and attached to a near- by wall, max. 10 m from the shaft. 

In the case of this SHERPA goods lift, the control cabinet is attached directly to the shaft (standard).

In the case of this SHERPA goods lift, the control cabinet is attached directly to the shaft (standard).

The control cabinet can also be located away from the lift shaft.

The control cabinet can also be located away from the lift shaft.

Design your own goods lift SHERPA or ESCORTA

Lödige Industries offers you the unique opportunity to design your own goods lift entirely according to your wishes. This can be done online in the special design environment on our website. Below is a brief summary of what you can expect at each step.

You can plan a goods lift with up to 3 t in the configurator. For larger load capacities, our sales department will be happy to advise you personally.


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The cost of a goods lift depends on various criteria. People are allowed to ride in the ESCORTA: The cabin is equipped accordingly.

The cost of goods lifts

We will give you a price indication based on your wishes and requirements. We will also give you appropriate advice and, if needed, we can look at several options for you. This gives you a better overview and allows you to compare products. The price depends on several factors. For example, the type of lift, dimensions and the control system all have an effect on the price of a goods lift.

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How goods lifts can reduce potential workplace accidents in warehouses

There are at least two accident hazards in the warehouse that can be reduced or eliminated with a goods lift from Lödige Industries:

  1. Transfer stations for forklift trucks in multi-storey racking systems pose incalculable risks for staff and the goods being transported.
  2. Lifting injuries, e.g. when picking up and moving heavy objects, are among the three most common causes of physical injury to workers in warehouses worldwide. 


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A good solution for sure: In this warehouse, one of two forklift transfer stations was replaced by a SHERPA goods lift.

Do you have questions about our goods lifts or are you interested in one of our models?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us at: +49 5642 7020 or send an e-mail to: Our team will be pleased to tell you more about our SHERPA and ESCORTA goods lifts.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you are interested in a tailor-made goods lift, then you have come to the right place. We take care of everything from A to Z. Every project is unique to Lödige and a challenge we grasp with both hands.

Goods only lifts and heavy goods lifts mainly transport goods and merchandise between floors. They are used in industry and trade, but also in workshops, event halls and hotels.

Goods only lifts are designed in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The transport of persons is generally prohibited (SHERPA). In exceptional cases, however, accompanying persons instructed by additional safety equipment may travel (ESCORTA). Lödige goods lifts are supplied with a complete, self-supporting steel frame shaft and do not require a shaft pit or machine room up to a nominal load of 3,000 kg. Depending on requirements, the electrically operated chain lifts are designed from 500 up to 4,500 kg load capacity. The doors can be designed as single- or double-leaf hinged doors (with fire protection DIN EN 81-58) or as roller doors (only for the SHERPA).

Heavy goods lifts are built in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC or, in the case of higher rated speeds, in accordance with the Lifts Directive RL 2014/33/EC and DIN EN 81-20:2014. Passenger transport is permitted. Technically, these are direct or indirect hydraulic lift systems that require an on-site wall shaft, shaft pit and machine room. Hydraulic goods lifts can be designed for load capacities from one ton to over 40 tons. Depending on the design, forklift trucks or route vehicles can be transported with a mounting device. The arrangement of the accesses is possible on one side, opposite each other, but also at right angles. The doors are usually multi-leaf telescopic sliding doors.


Modern goods lifts tend to be space-saving. Some, such as our SHERPA and ESCORTA, come with their own shaft. You also need to take into account the space required for manoeuvring into and out of the lift with the goods. For lifting capacities up to 3,000 kg, the shaft width of Lödige Industries goods lifts is only 370 to 450 mm in excess of the door width and between 140 and 180mm in excess of the cabin depth depending on the access (single side or through-car). Our experts will be happy advise on the best position and size of goods lift for your building.

Our SHERPA and ESCORTA goods lifts don't require pit excavation. A low ramp can replace the pit.

For detailed information, see the goods lifts planning guide page 12.


Our goods lifts SHERPA and ESCORTA have radically reduced headroom requirements compared to hydraulic goods lifts. They can be installed with shaft headrooms between 450 mm and 950 mm in excess of the cabin height. Our planning experts will be happy to advise options for reducing your headroom.

All SHERPA and ESCORTA goods lifts are delivered with either double-walled, insulated coated steel profile roller shutters or  robust, reliable and proven double-walled shaft swing doors. The single or double leaf swing doors are available in all standard RAL Classic colours, (no metallic or neon colours) and as fire protection (EN 81-58) door.
Find out more about the planning of doors on page 13 of our planning guide.

All our goods lifts can be used to access mezzanine levels. The SERWA is a new lift solution designed specifically for buildings with mezzanine floors.

Our goods lifts are delivered with a free-standing lift structure and can be easily integrated into existing buildings and rack systems. The installation does not require any building modifications, as neither a shaft or machine room is necessary. More information on the lift shaft can be found in our planning guide (page 7).

Delivery times for SHERPA and ESCORTA goods lifts depend on order levels and lead times in your location. Installation starts from as little as one week. The SERWA goods lift is delivered within 2-4 weeks from order and installed in less than 1 week.

We will work closely with your team to ensure minimum disruption during the installation of our goods lifts.

As the operator, it is your responsibility to keep your lift in a safe operating condition.
You must carry out maintenance and inspections at regular intervals. These intervals are set by law. In the case of lifts that comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, such as the SHERPA and ESCORTA, these are at least one inspection and two maintenances per year. However, depending on the duty cycle and period of use, more frequent maintenance visits may be appropriate. Lödige Industries offers a practical service model for this on a fixed-price basis.

The SHERPA and ESCORTA freight lifts also offer an easily accessible inspection hatch integrated above the door of the top landing. This facilitates access to the drive and eliminates the need for structural extensions to access the shaft side at the upper floors.

Please also note question 11: Who takes care of maintenance and inspection?


Our local service teams look after our own as well as third party goods lifts and offer a variety of service modules including pre-planned maintenance, inspections and repairs. To find out what our service portfolio looks like in your location please contact the local service team.

The right size of the cabin depends on the weight and the dimensions of the goods and any handling devices to be transported, as well as the required manoeuvring space.

  • For this maneuvering space, you will need to allow at least +100 mm all around the goods. We recommend 150 mm facing the door(s).
  • As freedom of movement for an accompanying person +500 mm (in depth or width - depending on whether the person is to travel in front of or next to the goods). For through-loading lifts, you need to plan a 500 mm corridor for attendands accompanying the goods. 
  • If a handling device is used, allow at least +200 mm in height; if a forklift truck is used, allow +300 mm. 


We can adapt cabin dimensions (width, length and height) of our goods lifts to your requirements. 

To learn more about planning your ideal lift, check out our planning guide, which takes you through the process in detail. Once you know your dimensions you can design your own lift using our online configurator, which delivers technical specification as well as 2D and 3D drawings. Our experts are always here to help you find the best solution.

Yes, if fire protection is required in your planning, SHERPA and ESCORTA  goods lifts doors can be deliver compliant with EN 81-58. Depending on the requirements, various performance criteria such as space enclosure (E), thermal insulation (I) and radiation (W) with corresponding classification times can be selected for the shaft doors.

As standard, our shaft end doors have an approval according to EN81-58 with the classification E120, EI05, EW30 or E120, EI15, EW60. This means that the goods lift can be installed in a fire-resistant shaft on site according to DIN 4102 (EN 13401-1). The steel shaft is attached to the on-site fire-resistant shaft using brackets. In front of the inspection hatch, a separate inspection hatch must be installed in the fire-resistant shaft on site in accordance with the fire protection regulations, which ensures both the fire protection requirement and the accessibility to the inspection hatch.

Detailed information is available on page 13 of our planning guide.

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