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Goods Lifts for Everyday Use

Lödige Goods Lifts for more efficiency

The goods lifts SHERPA and ESCORTA are a perfect solution for transportation of goods up to 4,500 kg.

Our goods lifts are delivered with a free-standing lift structure and can be easily integrated into existing buildings and rack systems. The installation does not require any building modifications, as neither a shaft or machine room is necessary. Choosing a ramp option, no pit is necessary, what significantly facilitates planning and installation.

The SHERPA is a perfect choice when only goods should be transported. Should more persons travel with goods, ESCORTA is an ideal solution.

Move more, do more.

Improve business productivity by moving more, in less time.

The SHERPA and the ESCORTA can now move up to 4.5 tonnes which reduces unloading time and increases throughput. It is now possible to reach similar lifting capacities as a hydraulic lift with all of the space saving benefits of the SHERPA. No pit, no machine room, a self-supporting steel frame shaft and much shorter installation times all resulting in a smaller overall project cost.

Which Lödige lift would be a solution for you?

Modern tailor-made goods lifts with easy installation

goods only lift SHERPA

SHERPA Goods only lift

The goods only lift SHERPA is a perfect choice when only goods should be transported. Delivered with a free-standing lift structure and with no pit requirement, SHERPA can be easily integrated into existing buildings and rack systems.

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SHERPA Goods only lift
Goods lift

ESCORTA Goods Lift

To facilitate multi-passenger transport with goods, ESCORTA goods lift is a perfect choice. Like SHERPA it can be easily integrated into existing buildings or rack systems and enables moving goods up to 4,500 kg.

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ESCORTA Goods Lift

SERWA Mezzanine Goods Lift

Max load under 1,000 kg
Usable plattform size up to 1,100mm wide x 1,600mm deep
Installation within one week
No shaft required (free standing structure & cladding)
No pit required and machine room required

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SERWA Mezzanine Goods Lift

Reduce accidents and injuries in warehouses

How goods lifts can reduce potential workplace accidents in warehouses

Lifting injuries, such as picking up and moving heavy items, are among the top three causes of employee injuries in warehouses worldwide. To reduce manual errors and move heavy objects, forklifts are often the standard equipment. These are sometimes not enough when it comes to the transportation of heavy and especially bulky items and that is where goods lifts come in. Learn why goods lifts should be considered from the beginning and how they increase the safety of warehouses.

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