In-flight catering logistics

In-flight catering logistics

Inventory management for airline caterers

Lödige has developed a compact storage, transportation and control system for airport kitchens where space is at premium. The Lödige SPACE TOWER improves catering logistics and reduces space requirements by using encased centralised storage with integrated vertical transport. It combines storage and transport functions in an ambient or temperature controlled environment and plays a central role in the flow and tracking of goods and trolleys. Increased transparency and process excellence are the result.


Increases available floor space by up to 80%
Centralises storage enabling connectivity across production levels
Removes the need for interfloor goods hoists
Creates a controlled, secure, hygienic environment
Saves energy by reducing the temperature controlled space

Airline Catering Logistics Solutions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Airline catering logistics involves the organisation and oversight of processes involved in providing catering services to airlines. This includes managing inventory, coordinating food preparation and packaging, ensuring timely delivery to aircraft, and maintaining quality control throughout the catering supply chain.

Lödige Industries provides a wide range of air cargo handling solutions, including equipping leased warehouses with relocatable conveying equipment and fully automated turnkey cargo hubs. All of our solutions are designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Lödige's industry-leading airline catering logistics services set the standard for efficiency and space optimisation. It allows for easy access, transportation, and control of catering supplies, reducing space requirements while making logistics  management smoother.

Lödige Industries is committed to sustainability in airline catering logistics. Our logistics solutions incorporate eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient technologies, and streamlined processes to minimise the carbon footprint of catering operations. By prioritising environmental responsibility, we help our clients achieve their sustainability goals while maintaining operational excellence.

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