Revolutionise your e-fulfilment operations

Speed up your e-commerce process while optimising warehouse space

To compete successfully in today’s market, e-fulfilment companies must do well on three fronts: speed of delivery to customer, efficiency of processes and location. E-fulfilment solutions from Lödige Industries can significantly speed up order delivery, reduce manual processes and errors and reduce the cost of near-city locations, where real-estate costs are high. High-density storage and automated throughput lower operating expenses, and improve the accuracy, stock visibility, efficiency, and productivity of distribution centres.


“Warehouses that employ such solutions are up to six times more efficient and can achieve significantly shorter lead times than those using manual handling alone.” 

Nicholas Tripptree, Managing Director Asia-Pacific, Lödige Industries

In planning your system, we consider the current number of SKUs, orders, order lines, picks, manpower, your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as well as the future growth you are looking to achieve. As a result, our solutions can easily be scaled up, handle a variety of order sizes, and provide the throughput you require.

We offer comprehensive solutions for every step of e-fulfilment process
We offer comprehensive solutions for every step of e-fulfilment process

Optimise your e-fulfilment operations

Increase your throughput with solutions from Lödige Industries

Faster shipping and delivery

Replenish, pick and move goods with high speed and precision.

Higher customer satisfaction

Smart warehouses help to deliver faster, lower prices and reduce returns.

Accuracy and peak season readiness

Meet customer demand fluctuation, scale up easily to handle higher order volumes.

Better space utilisation

Higher racks and narrower aisles increase the amount of goods that can be stored, reducing overhead costs per unit.

We offer comprehensive solutions for every step of the e-fulfilment process:

Leveraging smart technologies will help you optimise warehouse processes and enable you to take on some of the key challenges associated with e-commerce.

Receiving & Replenishment

Efficient goods receipt and replenishment processes are central to any e-commerce or e-fulfilment centre. Future-proof your operation with automaion solutions from Lödige Industries.


Order Preparation

Process orders accurately and quickly with our range of conveying, sortation, goods-to-person (& goods to light) solutions.

Packing & Shipping

Find the right solution for your packing, sealing and shipping preparation with our proven technologies.


Goods Dispatch

Without an efficient dispatch set-up, time to market and therefore profit will suffer. Ensure an professional dispatch process with our solutions.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Plan, control and track your material flow in real time with our warehouse management solutions.

E-fulfilment solutions by Lödige Industries

Enabling our customers to achieve their goals

Australia Post

Australia Post upgrades its parcel sorting facilities in Sydney and Melbourne with technology from Lödige Industries


DHL (Dubai)

The new DHL Dubai World Central facility, with a 4,870 sqm area Lödige Industries materials handling system, can handle up to 57,600 shipments a day.



We delivered multiple goods lifts for e-commerce warehouses across Europe. The lifts in self-supporting shafts, without a pit, speed up replenishment.

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Warehouse & Distribution Centre Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for all your warehouse needs.

Storage & Conveying Solutions

Improve asset utilisation with storage and conveying systems.

Parcel Handling & Sortation Solutions

Move products and packaging to the right places at the right time.

Goods Receipt and Dispatch

Efficient goods receipt and dispatch with max. inventory control.

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