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Today‘s automotive industry expects maximum speed, precision and efficiency in every area.

Manufacturing processes in the automotive industry make particularly high demands on intralogistics. From raw material supply to final assembly of cars, all the necessary components must reach their point of use safely and ready for use. Ensuring materials handling solutions work in perfect harmony, including between individual work areas, requires a partner who can provide solutions for the whole production process. Lödige Industries is just this partner.

From high-bay warehousing for pressed components, bodywork, engines and gearboxes, through every type of materials handling system, to control engineering, we supply the solutions from a single source. The Lödige portfolio covers every requirement in vehicle production.

Lödige Industries automotive solutions portfolio

Press shop

Materials handling systems for end-of-line as well as solutions for tool maintenance and tool handling.

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Body shell

Materials handling and control systems for an efficient body shell stage

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Paint shop

Powerful materials handling and control solutions at every stage of the painting process

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Warehousing and order picking

Warehousing and order picking for the production flow

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Final assembly

Flexible solutions for secure and high throughput final assembly

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With remote support, individual maintenance agreements and complete conversion and modernisation services, all from one source

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