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We ensure optimal performance over the life-cycle of your air cargo terminal. Our extensive range of solutions extends from equipping leased warehouses with relocatable conveying equipment, to implementing fully automated turnkey cargo hubs.

Supporting our customers from concept planning, through to system implementation and long term maintenance, we are the only turn-key provider capable of delivering all aspects of an air freight system with in house expertise.

Whilst keeping your cost of ownership down, we are aware of the importance of equipment availability and freight traceability in your terminal. As a long term business partner we provide solid after sales service for maintenance and spare parts, protecting your business for years to come.

Air freight logistics solutions

Air Freight Terminals

Air freight terminals from the market leader - create or refurbish integrated semi-automated and automated systems to increase capacity and performance of your air freight terminals 

Mobile Terminal Equipment

Just getting started? Try our mobile equipment, relocatable and expandable as your footprint grows…

Discover how automation and digitalisation from Lödige Industries can transform your air cargo handling operations

Service solutions for air cargo handling systems

Lödige Industries provides bespoke maintenance services for air cargo and material handling systems, which guarantee your assets operate reliably and at the lowest possible cost.


Service for air cargo systems


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Air freight logistics solutions frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Air freight logistics refer to the process of planning, implementing, and managing the movement of goods via air transportation. It involves the coordination of various activities, including the storage, handling, and transportation of cargo by air.

Lödige Industries provides a wide range of air cargo handling solutions, including equipping leased warehouses with relocatable conveying equipment and fully automated turnkey cargo hubs. Our solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Lödige Industries is a turn-key provider, offering a comprehensive range of air freight logistics solutions from concept planning to system implementation. Our in-house expertise enables us to deliver all aspects of an air freight system.

Lödige Industries is committed to environmental responsibility in air freight logistics. Our solutions incorporate sustainable practices, such as energy-efficient technologies, eco-friendly materials, and streamlined processes to minimise the carbon footprint of air cargo handling operations.

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