Improve asset utilisation with storage and conveying systems

Maximise storage density and reduce manual handling with Lödige Industries

Storage and conveying solutions from Lödige Industries are ideal for effectively and reliably handling and buffering raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods. Our solutions consist of best-in-class connective hardware designed for speed, accuracy and maximum availability and software (smart shelf technology) that integrates fully into your manufacturing and/or distribution processes.


  • AS/RS - Automated storage and retrieval systems for integrating efficient storage into your processes.
  • Conveying Solutions - Perfect-fit conveying options for heavy (pallet/bulk) and lights goods to free up space, cut costs and reduce errors.
  • AGVs - Introduce flexible automation with our AGVs, increase workplace safety and lower costs.


Due to the sharp growth in e-commerce in recent years, demands on warehouse and DC managers have risen significantly. Given the need to increase online customers, accuracy and delivery speed hold the key to profitability. Efficiency through automation via modern, connective storage and conveying solutions can deliver both while allowing for significant cost reductions and flexibility.

Reduce the number of manual movements and touch points across your warehouse, instead transport, route and sort hundreds of products per minute through automation.

Speed up your warehouse operations

Benefit from storage and conveying solutions from Lödige Industries

Reduce order lead time

Process your customers’ orders faster.

Eliminate backorder rates

Deliver accurate and on time – all the time.

Optimise inventory holding

Track & trace for inventory turnover monitoring and adjustment.

Highest possible picking accuracy

Zero errors.

Optimise efficiency

Reduce receipt to dispatch cycles.

Improve warehouse safety

Remove dangers (FLTs) and improve ergonomics.

Storage and conveying solutions at a glance


Automated storage and retrieval systems for integrating efficient storage into your processes

Automated storage and retrieval systems are a perfect solution for warehouses that are running out of space, want to lower costs or improve order accuracy. Our AS/RS solutions offer value-added logistics process automation for both unit and mini loads, that help our customers improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity while reducing safety risks, accidents and errors. Thanks to full integration into the warehouse management system, AS/RS systems can increase the speed of information and optimise order visibility.

When space in warehouses is limited, AS/RS make the most of the available space by integrating vertical storage. At the same time, they offer a solution to the lack of skilled labour and safety concerns in the warehouse. Given the reduction in accidents and errors, AS/RS offer higher order accuracy and a competitive reduction in the cost to consumers. We offer solutions for storing and buffering a variety of goods from pallets and cases to individual items or “eaches".

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Impressions AS/RS

Conveying Solutions

Improving warehouse processes with conveyor systems

Demand for efficient logistics space and rapidly growing e-commerce sales have caused warehouses to increase in size and height. Conveyor systems not only save valuable space but optimise internal workflows and create efficient and fast inter-unit transportation. They are central when operators seek to automate their intralogistic streams. By reducing the need for human intervention in repetitive and strenuous processes thereby improving safety and work conditions for operators.

Conveyor systems decrease accidents, product breakages and damage and make warehouse operations safer by reducing forklift traffic around operators. For warehouses that operate or hold stock in multiple buildings, conveying systems can be a real game changer. In the competiton for customers and lower operational costs, conveying systems help warehouses to improve the use of labour and space and increase both productivity and efficiency. 


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Impressions Conveying Solutions:

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for efficient and flexible warehouse operations

Autonomous robots for the warehouse of the future

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) transport goods in warehouse and distribution centres without manual intervention or fixed conveying systems. They provide a perfect transportation solution throughout the warehouse from trailer to storage or production, through to wrapping, shipping and dispatch. Omnidirectional and equipped with a variety of navigation technologies, they follow configurable guide paths to data-driven just-in-time schedules. They respond automatically to obstructions in their paths and represent a safe, fast and versatile method for optimising transportation in warehouses and distribution centres.

We integrate AGVs that improve not only shipping speed but also accuracy, reducing product touches, the opportunity for human error and stock discrepancies. Suitable for a variety of interfaces, AGVs, singularly or operating in fleets, can substantially increase the flexibility in your warehouse and extend the viability of existing shelving and transfer equipment. If you are looking to increase productivity, reduce accidents and product damage and need to scale your operations in line with demand, speak to us today.

Lifts & AGVs

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Storage & Conveying Solutions by Lödige Industries

Enabling our customers to achieve their goals

BASF Paint Plant

New conveyor system in Shanghai enables BASF to meet the market demand


Lödige Industries has almost doubled throughput rates at SPIMACO's new high-bay distribution and storage centre in Qassim, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Warehouse & Distribution Centre Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for all your warehouse needs.

Parcel Handling & Sortation Solutions

Move products and packaging to the right places at the right time.

Goods Receipt and Dispatch

Efficient goods receipt and dispatch with max. inventory control.


Revolutionise your logistics operations.

Looking for production logistics solutions?

Lödige Industries provides integrated solutions for production processes in many industries. 


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