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Lift Solutions - diverse options for transporting goods vertically

Reliable and efficient lift solutions for everyday use

As specialists in lift technology, we develop advanced solutions for conveying goods, cars and passengers in the field of vertical transportation. We are committed to delivering innovative and designed for performance lifts that make a significant impact on our customers’ business.

Lödige standard and bespoke solutions feature a compelling and high level of reliability and can be easily installed in various types of buildings. For years they have been used in industry, trade and logistics, as well as by building operators and public sector bodies. They have proved to be a game-changer for many customers worldwide. We work closely with our customers, architects and consultants to understand their expectations and building requirements perfectly. Meeting their needs has always been our priority. Therefore, we always consider the planned elevator application, space, quality and budget to offer customised lift solutions. 

Lift solutions for every application

Goods only lift
Goods lifts

Transport of goods up to 4,500 kg. Self-standing shaft construction. Easy integration into existing buildings and rack systems. Available with or without escort.

Heavy goods lift
Heavy goods lifts

The heavy goods lift  offers a wide range of applications for industry and trade. Nominal loads up to 40,000 kg and loading with forklifts is possible.


Car lift with remote control via mobil phone
Car lifts

Cars are transported in a space-saving and comfortable way to the parking lot in the basement or on the living floor. Lifts specially designed for the transport of cars. Nominal loads of up to 4,200 kg.


Lifts for lorries and trucks
Lorry Lifts

Gigantic lifts for trucks. This allows trucks in multi-storey buildings to be loaded/unloaded directly on the right floor. In use worldwide - up to 100 tons load capacity.

Passenger Lifts

Lödige passenger lifts enable easy and comfortable flow of people between different levels. Easily adjusted to your individual needs, they successfully combine flexibility, performance and design.

Service for lifts

Customised services for a reliable and cost-effective operation of your lift system/s. Maintenance, modernisation, repair and spare parts.


Integrating automated goods lifts with AGVs and AMRs

Automation of multi-storey transport processes with goods and freight lifts from Lödige Industries

The automation module for Lödige goods and freight lifts optimises internal material transport for warehouses and production facilities and automates transport across multiple floors via automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).


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Goods only lift SHERPA for a warehouse

A customised solution to facilitate carrying goods up to the fourth level withou a pit

Goods only lift SHERPA for an e-commerce company

In order to fulfill the customer’s efficiency requirements, a couple of goods lifts had to be installed. They had to be optimally positioned, taking into account the foundations of the hall supports and the hall ceiling girders.

Cinema Luxor, Bensheim (Germany)

Car lift without a pit

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lödige specialises in a range of versatile lift solutions for vertical transportation needs, serving diverse industries and building types. Their offerings can be categorised into various lift types.

Goods Lifts: Efficiently transport goods up to 4,500 kg, with options for easy integration into different structures. Models like SHERPA, ESCORTA, and SERWA are available.

Heavy Goods Lifts: Designed for heavy loads, with a capacity of up to 40,000 kg and the ability to handle forklift loading. 

Lorry Lifts: These lifts are designed for multi-storey buildings, accommodating loads of up to 100 tons.

Car Lifts: Specialised for car transport, these lifts handle loads of up to 4,200 kg. Models include PEGASOS, TRAFFICO, CARRICO, and VERTICAR.

Lödige's loading lift solutions offer a range of benefits that make them ideal for various storage and production facilities:

  • Efficient Vertical Transportation: Our loading lifts provide seamless and efficient vertical transport of goods within diverse industrial settings. Their impressive load capacity and lifting height facilitates the smooth movement of heavy loads between multiple floors.
  • Versatility and Adaptability: The Lödige loading lift series is optimised for different load capacities, cabin sizes, and door dimensions. This allows for flexible configurations, ensuring easy adaptation to specific building requirements and structural constraints.
  • Reliable Performance: We purpose-build our lifts to endure the rigorous demands of storage and production environments, delivering robust and dependable solutions for vertical material transport.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Lödige's loading lifts offer affordability without compromising on performance, making them a cost-effective choice for addressing diverse vertical transportation needs in industrial settings.

Lödige's loading lift solutions are thoughtfully designed to streamline operations within storage and production facilities, prioritising user-friendliness and safety.

Our loading lifts are engineered with a user-friendly interface, ensuring easy and efficient operation. The controls are intuitively designed to make vertical material transport a straightforward task. 

Additionally, the lifts can operate autonomously, further enhancing their ease of use. Their modular design allows for flexibility and adaptability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

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