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Lift Solutions - diverse options for transporting goods vertically

Reliable and efficient lift solutions for everyday use

As specialists in lift technology, we develop advanced solutions for conveying goods, cars and passengers in the field of vertical transportation. We are committed to delivering innovative and designed for performance lifts that make a significant impact on our customers’ business.

Lödige standard and bespoke solutions feature a compelling and high level of reliability and can be easily installed in various types of buildings. For years they have been used in industry, trade and logistics, as well as by building operators and public sector bodies. They have proved to be a game-changer for many customers worldwide.

We work closely with our customers, architects and consultants to understand their expectations and building requirements perfectly. Meeting their needs has always been our priority. Therefore, we always consider the planned elevator application, space, quality and budget to offer customised lift solutions. 

Goods Lifts

The goods lifts (pallet lifts) SHERPA and ESCORTA are a perfect solution for transportation of goods up to 3,000 kg.

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Goods Lifts

Heavy Goods Lifts

Highly efficient heavy duty lifts that vary in terms of load capacities, cabin and door dimensions. The standard version can connect up to eight levels and lift loads up to 15 t. Higher lifting capacities available on request.

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Heavy Goods Lifts

Lift solutions

load capacity
lifting height
of stopping points
Pit necessary
SHERPA Goods only lift No 3 t 18 m 2 to 6 no
ESCORTA Goods lift Yes 3 t 18 m 2 to 6 no
OLYMPUS Heavy goods lift Yes 15 t 24 m 2 to 12 yes
Car lifts Yes 4.85 t 24 m 2 to 8 no

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Information Material

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