Service solutions for parking systems

Lödige Industries provides bespoke maintenance services for parking systems to guarantee your system operates reliably and at the required performance levels. We offer various levels of support to suit your needs.

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24-hour service hotline

Does your equipment have a fault?

Does your equipment have a fault? Do you need a service technician outside the usual service interval? Contact our Hong Kong service team around the clock, every day (24/7) by calling the following emergency hotline: +852 6821 1991.

If you have a general enquiry, please call +852 2237 0090.

MAINTENANCE - Maximize the reliability and performance of your parking system

We are committed to providing you a variety of maintenance services that suit your requirements. From basic periodic inspections, to full residential service contracts where a Lödige team is based in your facility 24/7 providing support based on guaranteed service levels.

Maintenance services are delivered by experienced technicians according to service levels agreed according to your specific needs. Lödige experts take full responsibility for the performance and long term condition of your parking system which means fewer issues and inconveniences for your users, tenants and customers.

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Field service

We provide a variety of maintenance services tailored to suit your need. Our field service offers the following on competitive unit rates or based on a fixed monthly fee, depending on your requirements:

  • Preventive Maintenance;
  • Breakdown and Repairs Call Out;
  • Predictive Maintenance;
  • Programmable Device support;
  • Compliance with Safety Requirements;
  • Scale calibration and certification services;
  • Professional Engineer services;
  • Ad hoc support for your existing maintenance team.


Residential Service

Our Residential Service product provides a managed, comprehensive maintenance service designed to maximise overall system availability and reduce overall cost, delivered by a team of experienced and highly trained maintenance technicians based on your site.

Services provided under this product are tailor made to suit but can typically include:

  • Preventive Maintenance;
  • Predictive Maintenance;
  • 24 hr Breakdown and Repairs;
  • Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS);
  • Support for all programmable devices;
  • IT Application & Hardware, Network / LAN Support;
  • Spare Parts;
  • SCADA operations;
  • Specialist Engineering Services;
  • Compliance with safety requirements;
  • Scale calibration and certification services;
  • Professional Engineer services.

MODERNISATION - Improving the performance and efficiency of your parking system

We are able to coordinate the whole modernisation process for you. From planning through to engineering, installation and commissioning, we ensure the new system meets all relevant statutory and performance requirements.

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We can perform the following common system modernisations:

  • PLC upgrades (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, etc.);
  • Mobile equipment (hoists, transfer vehicle, SRM) overhaul or replacement;
  • DC to AC drive conversion;
  • Safety system upgrades;
  • Horizontal & vertical speed / positioning system upgrades;
  • SCADA system upgrades;
  • Sensor upgrades.


Typical System enhancements may include:

  • Integration of additional storage, conveying or throughout capacity;
  • Integration of vertical conveying capacity;
  • Conversion of unpowered to powered conveyors;
  • IT application replacement;
  • Process optimisation;
  • Equipment dismantling, relocation.


All modernisation projects take into account:

  • Concept / Layout design;
  • Car parking processes;
  • Mechanical design & integration;
  • Electrical design & integration;
  • PLC programming;
  • IT networks, platforms, peripherals and software applications.

SPARE PARTS & REPAIR - Genuine spare parts and components

Lödige has an extensive network of suppliers providing quality parts and components for your lifts. Lödige regional experts can arrange rapid supply of genuine Lödige parts, or OEM parts depending on your system specification. Lödige also have access to a variety of obsolete/legacy parts through our client network including parts harvested from modernisation projects.

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Services offered:

  • Supply of genuine Lödige parts;
  • Supply of genuine OEM parts;
  • Specification and supply of recommended spare parts packages;
  • Obsolete / Legacy part migration;
  • Parts repair and refurbishment.

In addition to the above, expert Lödige technicians can be quickly dispatched to your site to deal with emergency breakdowns directly or to support your local maintenance team as required.

Leveraging our know-how to boost your success

Our extensive experience can guide you through the process of bringing your equipment up to state-of-the-art standards in terms of safety and reliability. We are ready to provide you with guidance on selection of the most appropriate design solution and to certify the installation and testing of the lift on completion.

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We can advise you on:

  • Maintenance optimisation – cost vs performance;
  • Maintenance outsourcing – focus on your core business;
  • Operational process optimisation – get the best out of your car park system;
  • Control system upgrades – to the latest state of the art;
  • Equipment refurbishment / replacement – increasing performance and reliability;

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