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Heavy goods lift for easy and efficient vertical loads transportation

Convenient vertical transportation

The heavy goods lift OLYMPUS series is a perfect solution for storage and production facilities. These are ten highly efficient standard lifts that vary in terms of load capacities, cabin and door dimensions.They can reach up to 8 floors and lift up to 15 t.

The combination of reliable basic equipment and sophisticated technology makes these lifts trusty assistant for everyday work. Thanks to the modular design, different configurations can be implemented depending on the application and structural conditions. They can be supplied also with a cable drive.

Through the use of high-quality standard components, these goods lifts are extremely reasonably priced and available within a short timeframe.

Although we specialise in standard machines, like goods lift OLYMPUS, we offer also customised products with various capacities, sizes and lifting heights. Our aim is to implement new industrial solutions and help companies to improve their performance.

Technical Data

OLYMPUS SERIE Load capacity (kg) Cabin width (mm) Cabin depth (mm) Cabin height (mm)
Hektor 18212,0001,8002,1002,200
Poseidon 1924 2,500 1,900 2,400 2,200
Odysseus 20263,0002,0002,6002,600
Hera 22273,5002,2002,7002,600
Herkules 25335,0002,5003,3002,600
Atlas S 25406,0002,5004,0002,600
Atlas M 25507,5002,5005,000 2,800
Atlas L 305010,0003,0005,0003,000
Atlas XL 406015,0004,0006,0004,000

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  • Series of goods lifts that meet most requirements and are flexible enough to adapt easily to any specific needs
  • Rugged solutions for storage and production facilities
  • Use of high-quality standard components
  • Extremely reasonably priced
  • Modular design enables different configurations to be implemented

Possible applications

Production halls

In the production halls OLYMPUS significantly facilitates transportation of heavy loads between levels and in result accelarated processes.

Event venues and shopping centres

In event venues and shopping centres heavy loads have to be quickly moved. Hence, they particularly need solutions which enable transporting more loads at once.


In warehouses tones of goods have to be moved daily. Therefore it is crucial to be able to move huge amounts at once.


Hotels belong to the buildings where loads need to be moved through many floors. The OLYMPUS lifts with the lifting capacity ranging from 2 t to 15 t can successfully respond to any hotel needs.


Hispitals are another institution where time matters and therefore solutions enabling multiple lifting more at once are particularly in demand.

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