Aircraft Assembly & Maintenance

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Aircraft Assembly & Maintenance

Lödige offers storage solutions for aircraft maintenance facilities (MRO), as well as bespoke platforms supporting the aircraft manufacturing (FAL) for the key requirements of aircraft assembly and maintenance: heavy lifting equipment and maximised spare parts storage.


Our MRO and FAL solutions (allow you to) create a healthy work environment for your staff.


Ergonomic work stations enabling performance
Space saving heavy load lifting & storage
Automated storage to reduce downtime spent searching for missing tools or supplies

Solutions for maintaining and assembling aircraft

Lifting equipment

Lödige Industries has more than 70 years’ experience in heavy goods lifting. Our Aircraft lifting equipment is known for its reliability, accuracy and durability.

Reliable equipment for raising staff to the aircraft to enable your team to work on the undercarriage, access the cabin and all assembly areas. Mobile or fixed Lödige lifting platforms ease and speed up the painting of aircrafts. We have also developed lifting equipment for working on the aircraft interior.

Storage systems

Storage systems from Lödige provide a total integrated solution for parts and tools to be stored in an efficient and save-spacing saving way.

Lödige storage systems can be fully automated to store and transport anything from small parts to very large and heavy aircraft parts and tools. We develop high-throughput storage systems in line with customer requirements to support your dispatch reliability and speed.

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