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Car park systems CUBILE

Efficient parking solutions for the urban demands of today and tomorrow

The approach of "Smart Cities" is to increase the quality of life through more areas with car-free streets. Intelligently planned parking places can be a way out of the traffic and parking chaos. Automated car park systems make the best use of the resources and put an end to often long and thus polluting search for a free parking place.

The CUBILE car park systems from Lödige Industries represent fast, simple and safe as well as comfortable parking. Compared to conventional car parking facilities, drive-in ramps and maneuvering surfaces are eliminated. Furthermore, the systems can be installed also in existing buildings.

Key figures

Fully automated car park system (DOKK1, Aarhus)

928646 cars

cars have been parked in the fully automated public car park system DOKK1 (Aarhus, Denmark) since summer 2015

107 seconds

average parking time since july 2016

123 seconds

average retrieval time since july 2016

Efficient parking solutions for the urban demands of today and tomorrow

  • Higher packing density comparing to traditional car parks
  • No more endless driving to find a free parking space
  • Comfortable way of parking
  • Adaptable to existing buildings
  • Increased security for cars, protection against scratches
  • Environmentally-friendly: no gas emissions
  • User-friendly: automated parking procedure
  • Improved Cityscape: less space consumption

CUBILE P (< 50 cars)

The automated car park system CUBILE P is particularly suitable as a car park system for residential and office buildings and can accommodate up to 50 cars. The pallet based technology can be retrofitted very easily and ensures flexible space utilisation.

more about CUBILE  P

CUBILE P (< 50 cars)

CUBILE S (> 50 cars)

The automated car park system CUBILE S offers palletless parking technology for public buildings with a parking capacity of more than 50 cars. The highest possible throughput and particularly high availability are the huge advantages of this car park system.

more about CUBILE S

CUBILE S (> 50 cars)

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