Automated Car Park Systems

Save space with automated parking systems

Minimise the parking footprint for residential, public and multi-purpose buildings

Automated parking systems from Lödige Industries deliver up to 60% and more space savings to your real estate and can be crucial in obtaining building permit or optimising the return on investment of your real estate project while providing an unparalleled user experience.

At a Glance

Benefits of automated parking systems

Higher parking density compared to conventional car parks
User-friendly, comfortable and save parking procedure
Remove the need to search a free parking space
Increased security for cars, protection against scratches
Improved cityscape: more space for other purposes
Environmentally-friendly: reduced emissions

What you need to know about the technology

We have the right solution for a wide variety of needs

Which parking technology is best for your project? Each building is different, but with our automated technologies, we can cover a wide variety of construction projects, usage patterns and footprints. Our team of experts are looking forward to helping you plan your project.

Robotic parking with our CUBILE solution

Robotic technology, super fast delivery and high space saving opportunity. Our CUBILE solution is particularly suitable for public buildings and other properties where high numbers or quick retrievals are key. 

Puzzle parking with our RESPACE solution

Puzzle technology, super space saving, fully e-charging ready up to 100%. Our pallet parking technology has been in operation since 1992 and is particularly suited to appartment and other buildings where space is at a premium.

Parking systems worldwide

We have successfully built more than 60 automated parking systems worldwide.

Experience automatic parking yourself

Travel through our parking system in Copenhagen, Denmark 360˚style.

Find out how automated parking works

Dutch TV visited one of our projects and explored the solution in detail.

Reduce the space required for parking

Reduce building costs or increase revenue generation

Fit in more parking spaces to gain building permission, reduce your construction cost,  or choose to increase the revenue generation from your building! With our automated parking systems reductions of the parking footprint of your building by up to 60% and more are possible.
How much space can be saved depends in large parts on your property's footprint, whether the parking is public and the usage patterns.

Increase the attractiveness of your property

Even in prime property areas, real estate customers can choose from a selection of investments. Place your property at the top of their list. With a Lödige Industries automated parking system your parking delivers an unparalleled user experience for visitors and residents alike.  Safe, brightly lit waiting areas and lounges with proven user guidance systems enhance the experience when parking or retrieving cars. An integrated state-of-the-art app means users in residential or office buildings have precise information and full control over the parking process at all times.

Key Figures

Fully automated car park system (DOKK1, Aarhus)

have been parked in the fully automated public car park system DOKK1 (Aarhus, Denmark) since summer 2015
average parking time in April 2023
average retrieval time in April 2023

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