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As a specialist for lifting equipment and intralogistics systems, Lödige Industries has been helping customers since 1948. We keep our customers’ goods moving thanks to our engineering excellence, system integration expertise and committed service. We deliver efficient and future-proof solutions for a range of sectors.

Overview of all Lödige solutions and products

Parking Solutions
Lift Solutions
Airport Logistics
Production Logistics
Warehouse & Distribution Centre Solutions

Parking Solutions

Space-saving and user-friendly car parking solutions for storing from 1 to 1000 cars or more

Our parking solutions portfolio

Explore our full portfolio to discover the best solution for your project.

Automated parking systems

Optimum use of floor space for underground car parks, residential, multi-purpose or public buildings

Explore our car lifts

No space or desire for an access ramp? Transport cars up or down with our space saving, reliable car lifts.

Ease logistics with our lorry lifts

Grant easy access to your inner city buildings with our proven lorry lifts up to 100 tonnes.

Service, maintain or upgrade with us

Our service solutions ensure your parking solution keeps working for you.

Lift Solutions

High performance lifts for goods and passenger transport

Lift Solutions at a glance

As specialists in lift technology, we develop advanced solutions for conveying goods, cars and passengers.

Goods Lifts

Our goods lifts are designed for reliability and efficiency, delivered with a free-standing lift shaft easily integrated into existing buildings.

Heavy Goods Lifts

Highly efficient heavy duty lifts that lift up to 20 t as a standard. But we can lift more. Find out how.

Car Lifts

Explore our range of space-saving and reliable car lifts to turn your parking challenges into opportunities.

Lorry Lifts

Experience new solutions for urban logistics with a truck lift by Lödige Industries.

Service & Maintenance

Bespoke maintenance service to guarantee your lifts operate reliably and at the lowest possible cost.

Airport Logistics

Quality, throuput and reliability with aiport logistics from the market leader

Market-leading airport logistics solutions

View our extensive range of solutions - how can we help you today?

Elevate your air freight handling

Take your air freight handling to the next level with systems and equipment from Lödige Industries

Flight Catering Logistics

Deliver flawless dishes with our space-saving catering logistics solutions - every time.

Baggage ULD Handling

Exceed your passengers' expectations with our baggage ULD handling solutions.

Assembly and Maintenance

Automate your storage and handling of aircraft parts and tools at aircraft Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) facilities and Final Assembly Lines (FAL).

Parcel Handling

Upgrade your parcel handling with our high-throughput logistics systems for handling courier cargo at airports.

Service and Maintenance

Bespoke maintenance services to guarantee your airport logistics operate reliably and at the lowest possible cost.

Production Logistics

Innovative, hard-working solutions for production and warehousing logistics

Smooth production processes

Reliable solutions from goods-in, through production, and upstream processes.

Production Process Logistics

Just-in-time and just-in-sequence - optimise your production logistics with us.

Ramp Solutions - From truck dock to lorry lift

Boost your efficiency, increase safety and simplify your processes with our ramp solutions.

Service and Maintenance

Bespoke maintenance services to guarantee your material handling logistics operate reliably and at the lowest possible cost.

Warehouse & Distribution Centre Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for all your warehouse needs.

Warehouse & Distribution Centre Solutions

Improve your warehouse efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs

Storage & Conveying Solutions

Improve asset utilisation with storage and conveying systems.

Goods Receipt and Dispatch

Efficient goods receipt and dispatch with max. inventory control.

Parcel Handling & Sortation Solutions

Move products and packaging to the right places at the right time.


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