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Modernisation of automated parking systems

Future-proofing your parking solutions

Your parking system has come of age? Even the best maintained parking systems have many drawbacks once they come of age: lack of spare parts, non-compliance with modern safety standards and outdated user interfaces can lead to reduced performance. Instead of demolition and replacement, repair, refurbishment and modernisation represent cost- and time effective solutions.

Modernising a parking system is an attractive alternative

We modernise almost every parking system with the latest hard- and software components that ensure the safe and smooth operation of the system in the future. We update the complete system from the cabin design, to the latest in system control and operation — at a fraction of the cost of a new one. 

After reviewing your existing planning and plant documents and on the basis of our on-site survey, we analyse the potential of your plant, assess risks, identify opportunities and draw up a transparent plan to base your decision on. Your new system is a tailor-made and individually designed upgrade to your existing facility.

We bring your system up to the latest in legal standards and user handling and offer options such ev-charging and parking space rental management. 

Modernisation without interrupting the operation of the car park? Talk to our experts to find out how we can support you.

Benefits of future-proofing your automated parking system with us

Restore/Improve Performance


User Safety
& Comfort

Comply With Current Regulations

Guarantee Spare Parts Availability


Modernisation of the Rocket Tower parking system creates around 200 additional parking spaces

The Rocket Tower project is an example of how many of the automatic parking systems that were developed in Berlin in the 1990s can be preserved and made usable for long-term, convenient use with appropriate modernisation measures. 

The automated parking system, which was built in 1996, had to be completely modernised to enable a fast and smooth process. For this purpose, the system was equipped with a new user recognition system and also received modern roller doors. The control and electrical technology of the entire facility was also rebuilt and brought up to the latest state of the art.

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Advanced safety and comfort

Modernising the entry and exit cabin of a parking system is a usefull investment in two respects: In addition to providing a modern control screen and user terminal, it also increases the safety of parking access. The effect: users will notice the positive change in the parking system.



Image description 
Light barrier | 2. Guidance screen | 3. Camera | 4. Motion and safety scanners | 5. Traffic light guidance | 6. Height sensor | 7. User terminal | 8. EV-Charging | 9. Contour & guidance scanners

Smart & modern access options

Offer your users the latest in access entry with our app, QR code access and number plate recognition solutions.

ParkGO! - our easy to use parking management app allows easy booking and administration of parking spaces with or without EV-charging. Secure API-integration is available for leading workspace apps such as ParkBee or MyOfficeSpace.


Access Terminal

Separate parking and retrieval terminals optimise parking process and offer a range of identification options such as personal PIN, RF-tag, QR or e-ticket. Live help on demand.

Numberplate recognition

Our automated numberplate recognition option enables efficient parking access control and vehicle flow. It avoids bottlenecks and provides additional security.  

"ParkGO!" App

ParkGO! is the dedicated access app for Lödige Industries automated parking systems. Users summon their vehicle remotely and control the parking process. Live help on demand.

Future-proof car parking systems

Upgrade with the market leader

Seamless user experiences

Users will enjoy a smooth and intuitive experience in well-lit cabins. Clear instructions and modern digital touchpoints ensure your users will see tangible benefits from your modernisation effort.

Secure spare parts

Modernisation will restore the rapid and reliable availability of spare parts for your system. This is crucial in any sucessful maintenance strategy. We plan your modernisation accordingly.

24/7 Support

With remote access to our 24/7 control centre, our trained operators can view the status of your system at any time, support personnel on-site or carry out direct troubleshooting if necessary.

EV-Charging Upgrade

Up to 100% of pallets an be equipped for EV-charging to meet future requirements now. Reduce costs by shuffling cars after charging. Power supply can be tracked for correct invoicing.

With you all the way

1. Analysis/Proposal

Our team of experts reviews your existing documentation. Based on this and our subsequent onsite assessment we develop a clear and transparent modernisation proposal as the basis for your decision.

2. Manufacture

We source and manufacture all elements of your project. Our own manufacturing plants utilise renewable energy in manufacturing your equipment in Germany (100% RE) and Romania (60% RE).

3. Completion

We take on the complete project management, installation, and commissioning of the modernisation. Hand-over includes a site acceptance test, certification, documentation for your system as well as personnel training.

4. Maintenance

We offer bespoke maintenance services to guarantee your system operates reliably and at the required performance levels. Lödige experts take full responsibility for the performance and long term condition of your parking system.

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Rocket Tower Berlin, modernization of an automated parking system

Modernisation of the Rocket Tower parking system

The Rocket Tower project is an example of how many of the automatic parking systems that were developed in Berlin in the 1990s can be preserved and made usable for long-term, convenient use with appropriate modernisation measures. 

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