1st in Asia
on-airport perishable handling centre, converted by Lödige Industries from an existing cargo terminal at Changi airport Singapore
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SATS Coolport @ Changi Airport

October 2010 Singapore

Asia's newest perishable handling centre

Coolport has become the first dedicated on-airport facility in Singapore for handling of import, export and transit perishable cargo.

It is designed to handle a wide range of fresh food, more importantly; its secure cool chain logistics process enables the handling of pharmaceutical and biomedical products which require more stringent temperature controls.

SATS’ Coolport appointed Lödige Industries for the MHS conversion of the existing cargo terminal. The terminal is located within the Free Trade Zone and was converted to an integrated perishable terminal. The project involved modification of Truck dock, workstation and ETV areas with the inclusion of 1 new castor deck and 1 new shuttle transfer vehicle.

In April 2017, SATS Coolport became the world's first ground handler to receive EU approval to provide transshipment services for meat imports.

Project details

  1. Client: Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS), CoolPort
  2. Location: Changi Airport, Singapore
  3. Year of completion: October 2010
  4. Scope: Conversion of MHS from general cargo to integrated perishables terminal. PLC conversion from Siemens S5 to S7.

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