Cargo iQ gains new member Lödige Industries to help drive sector digitalization in 2023

Geneva, Switzerland, February 2, 2023: Airfreight quality standards group Cargo iQ has welcomed air cargo terminal solutions provider Lödige Industries to its growing membership.

Lödige will lend its experience as a provider of logistics systems and material handling solutions to the global airport, warehouse, and production industries.

“By joining the Cargo iQ community, Lödige has pledged its commitment to our mission to drive quality and standardization in the movement of cargo by air,” said Lothar Moehle, Executive Director, Cargo iQ.

The new member strengthens Cargo iQ’s ability to deliver guidance and recommendations in air cargo handling best practice, with the added benefit of Lödige’s operational insights from its specialist area.

“We believe the industry is at a tipping point for change, with the digitalization we have long talked about really taking place and driving change”, said Björn Ussat, Director Air Cargo, Lödige Industries, who will stand as Lödige’s official representative for Cargo iQ.

“We believe Cargo iQ is an excellent platform for these discussions and for furthering innovation in the air cargo industry. As further standardization of KPIs in the industry develops, we are looking forward to learning and contributing to key conversations from a technical provider’s point of view.”

Having served the sector since the 1970s, Lödige Industries is well placed to support Cargo iQ’s objectives.

“The Lödige team will offer a valuable new perspective to important conversations and will help drive progress in establishing industry-wide standards and processes to bring long-lasting improvements to supply chain visibilit”, added Moehle.

Cargo iQ’s Assistant Manager Megha Palkar will join the digital debate as a speaker on the ‘Future of freight’ panel on day two of the Air Cargo Africa conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 21st to 23rd February 2023.

Executive Director of Cargo iQ Lothar Moehle will also be attending the three-day event.



Cargo iQ is a not-for-profit quality standards group working to create and implement specifications to enhance the customer service experience of the global air cargo industry.

Originally founded by leading airlines and forwarders to improve reliability in the supply chain, Cargo iQ membership has grown to include more than 60 members from across the industry during its 25+ years of operation, including airlines, forwarders, ground handlers, IT solution providers, and Road Feeder Services (RFS), incorporating the small- to medium-sized (SME) community.

Members work together to develop a system of shipment planning and performance monitoring for air cargo based on common business processes and milestones. This Quality Management System (QMS) drives continuous improvement in member operations and forms the cornerstone of Cargo iQ’s work.

Members are externally audited at regular intervals for quality compliance as proof of their commitment to delivering quality-driven services and supporting real-time service delivery.

As part of that system, the Cargo iQ Master Operating Plan (MOP), which has been endorsed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), defines the standard end-to-end process of transporting air cargo.

The organization is supported by IATA as one of its interest groups.

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Cargo iQ gains new member Lödige Industries
Cargo iQ gains new member Lödige Industries
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