LorryLift for the music centre in Eindhoven

Lödige Benelux has received an order for the delivery of a Lorry Lift to the music centre in Eindhoven. In August it was successfully installed. Since then it enables safe vertical transporting of heavy, valuable objects.

The ordered Lorry Lift (scissor lift) has the load capacity of 30 t and can raise loaded trucks up to the height of 6 m.

The plant Lödige Machine Warburg GmbH in Scherfede was responsible for designing and manufacturing. 

The delivered Lorry Lift has following technical capacities:

Load capacity     30,000 kg 
Lifting height     6,100 mm  
Platform dimensions (L x W)      14,000 x 3,000 mm  
Lifting speed     0.04 m/s 
Tare weight     32,000 kg 
Electrical power      30 kW 
Permissible wheel load     7,500 kg 
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