Body shop

Safe and powerful

For an efficient body shell process, the correct bodywork components must be reliably brought from their intermediate storage areas and production lines to be assembled. Lödige’s materials handling and control solutions automate this procedure.

Your advantages using Lödige solutions in the body shop:

  • Connection to the pressed component store
  • Conveying on several levels possible
  • Connection to bodywork store
  • Horizontal materials handling systems
  • High levels of automation possible
  • Control connection to robotic systems

Efficiency in the body shop

The pressed components are removed from the intermediate store and transported to the body shop. The journey from the pressed component store to the body shop and the work stations within the process is made possible by linked materials handling systems from Lödige.
At the end of the body shell stage, the bodies are automatically stored in high-bay warehousing until they are sent to the paint shop for further work.

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