Automated parking system enables 44 spaces in Amsterdam

Over 25 years of reliable automated parking in Herengracht

Herengracht 1 was the first ever pallet-based parking system designed and installed. After more than 25 years of use it remains fully operational and reliable.

Lack of sufficient parking spaces was just one of the issues facing the owner of this mixed-use building in the heart of Amsterdam. The building also housed an access route for truck deliveries to a postal office at the rear.

The automatic parking system installed, parks cars on four levels, using two internal lifts at either end to move cars on their pallets between levels. Access to the post office was ensured by enabling trucks and vans to drive through the parking system’s central aisle.

The project for aik-Grundstücksfonds GVW in co-operation with architect Edo Spier, features the pallet-based technology. Operations started in 1992 and the system continues to provide reliable automatic parking for both public and residential use.

Facts and figures

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Completion date:
Dec 1992
Mixed use car park
44 cars
Number of levels:
Pallet-based parking technology
Gross area / volume per parking space:
10.46m² / 16,73m³

Challenges of parking in Herengracht

  • Building footprints in the centre of Amsterdam are very small. At the same time on street parking is difficult to find as well as expensive. Being able to offer parking to tenants is a significant Benefit to owners.
  • The postal Office at the back of the building has Right-of-way through the parking space for ist delivery vans.
  • Reversing onto roads from garage entry and exit points is a dangerous undertaking on Amsterdam's busy canal side roads with bycicles and pedestrians vying for space.

Benefits of our solution

  • The pallet-based automated technology allowed the creation and easy access to car parking where otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible.
  • Initially a steel bridge was installed to allow delivery trucks to drive over the turntable. Delivery vans can now drive across the turntable to get to the post office.
  • The integrated turntable turns cars in the direction of the exit before delivering them to their drivers, making ingress and egress safe and easy.


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