Loading Dock Environment

Loading Dock Environment

Combine smart functionalities for handling dolly and truck dock operations.

Dolly and truck dock solutions for the efficient handling of loading dock operations.

Modular and mobile - Loading Dock Equipment from Lödige

Dolly Dock

Dolly Docks from Lödige facilitate the airside loading and unloading of air cargo units 

Dolly docks receive and send off ULDs on airside. Fast and smooth transfer is essential. Our dolly docks can be equipped with a hydraulic tilting function and can form part of an airlock.  Sized and equipped to your requirements, the dolly docks from Lödige will facilitate your airside interface.

Truck Dock

The truck dock from Lödige facilitates the loading and unloading of air cargo units onto and off trucks.

Equipped with a hydraulic lifting unit and a vertical shift function, the truck dock brings conveyor elements into line with the truck loading ramp. ULDs or pallets are transferred horizontally by a powered roller conveyor.

Depending on requirements, the conveyor can be replaced or combined with other technologies such as a ball deck or castor deck. A moving version of the truck dock is also available.

Truck Dock 20 ft.
Capacity: 14,000 kg
Dimensions (L x W): 7,585 x 2,700 mm

Truck Dock 10 ft.
Capacity: 7,000 kg
Dimensions (L x W): 3,640 x 2,700 mm

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