Lödige Industries enables 24 additional parking places for oldtimer storage in Switzerland

The 10,0000 m2 storage area at MACK halls in Ermatingen offers various storage opportunities for a wide variety of cars and boats. The newest hall, which has been built to store oldtimers and collectors’ vehicles across four levels, offers many innovative features. Camera surveillance, access via bluetooth technology and battery charging devices are only some of building’s services. To facilitate quick and easy parking, the owner of the company needed a space-saving and comfortable car lift that would fulfil the vision of the exclusive and luxurious storage experience, while reducing building costs by eliminating the need for a ramp. 

The TRAFFICO car lift from Lödige Industries perfectly met these expectations. As the lift replaced the need for a ramp, 24 additional parking places could be created. Due to the lift’s speed of a 0.25 m/sec and a potential payload of up to 4,800 kg, it is an ideal solution for fast and comfortable parking. With its personalised character, modern design and bespoke glass elements, the installed car lift matches the style of the building. The lift is operated via an innovative smart phone app, complementing the luxury character of the building. Ulrich Mack, owner of the MACK halls commented: “We understand the concerns of vintage cars’ owners. Their individual cars require special care, safe transport and storage opportunities. We are very impressed with the installed car lift. Spacious cabin, comfortable parking experience and elegant design – that is exactly what we were looking for.”

“It was an exciting challenge for us to plan and install a car lift in such an innovative building. The 24 additional parking spaces we have created, by replacing the ramp, deliver an increased ROI for the customer. We are pleased to be able to supply products that not only perfectly match the design, but also add value to our customers, " Stefan Jost, Managing Director of the Lödige Industries in Switzerland commented.

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