Contactless operation of car lifts for smart and safe access

Scherfede, 26 April 2021

Lödige Industries is the first to offer car lift operation by smart app. The app allows lift users to call and operate car lifts via their smartphone, without touching buttons or carrying an additional remote-control device. The app is an easy way to access car lifts, providing added security for the building, its residents or employees, and their vehicles. Lödige Industries has integrated the app into its product range to offer users easy access, high levels of security and considerable advantages in terms of access control and management. The new app is offered across all car lift types and is available for retrofit in existing Lödige car lifts.

As a completely Bluetooth-based system, the app works independently from any internet connection. Not only does this prevent unwanted data access by third parties, it also ensures independence from network disruptions. The Bluetooth connection enables flawless connectivity even in underground parking lots. This enables users to call car lifts from up to 30 meters away.

Car lift users benefit from the simple and intuitive interface of the app. A user-friendly administration tool makes it easy for homeowners to add friends and family without the need for additional remote-control devices. With the administration tool they can set time limits or restrict access by floor level. A feature that will allow apartment building owners or managers to grant, manage or limit access for residents, tenants or facility management. With the administration tool they can prioritise the comfort, requirements and efficiency of their customers. If desired, access data can be collected and stored, allowing traceability in case of damage or theft. Especially for apartment buildings, the app offers significant cost-saving potential by eliminating the need for additional remote controls per user. Easy to activate, the app also offers significant health benefits by reducing physical contact to traditional lift call buttons.

“App-based access is going to be the new normal for car lift control”, says Philippe De Backer, CEO of Lödige Industries. “Smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. With this app solution, we are able to bring this level of versatility to the field of car lifts . Facility managers will benefit from the smart access management of their buildings, while car lift users will enjoy the easy and convenient use.”

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Safe and smart car lift access
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