Lödige Industries modernises automated parking system for Berlin hotel

As previously proven in Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands - Lödige Industries has the right solution for building new or modernising existing automated parking systems. The most recent example is the upgrade of a 20-year-old automatic parking system in a hotel in Berlin, by the well-known supplier of logistics systems headquartered in Germany. Due to the susceptibility to failure of the system prior to the conversion, the proprietor hadn’t been able to operate the system fully for years. As a result, only an average of 5 parking operations per day were recorded during the entire twenty-year operation. Located in the east of Berlin, the facility with 20 parking spaces had a much higher, but untapped potential. The aim of the conversion was therefore to make full usage possible while ensuring customer satisfaction.

The conversion of the Berlin plant was implemented within a short time. Electrical and control technology as well as the entire system was brought up to the latest standards. Spare parts supply is now ensured again, as the manufacturer had discontinued support for the previous technology. With new controls, the parking system is now future-proof. A special focus of the modernisation was equipping the transfer booth with contemporary sensors and interactive displays. User identification utilises a user-friendly barcode system. Another new feature is the connection of the parking system to the 24/7 Customer Care Centre in Paderborn, in order to be able to quickly eliminate potential disruptions in addition and maintain high system availability in the parking area. All these changes ensure quick access to the parked car for the user. The technical features also include a video monitoring of the system.

Thanks to the comprehensive upgrading of the parking system, the modernised system can be used much more effectively by the operator. Apart from short-stay parking for guests, the hotel has the possibility to offer a long-term rental for local residents. This is an attractive additional prospect given the increasingly complicated parking situation in the area, since nearby surrounding vacant lots around the hotel near the city center of Berlin are being developed.

In total Lödige Industries has already modernised more than a dozen automatic car parking systems with over 500 parking spaces. Such systems offer up to 60 percent more floor space than conventional parking garages, are by design burglar-proof and protected against vandalism.

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