Unveils Expansion of Production Site in Brasov

Brasov / Paderborn, [10] January 2024 - Lödige Industries has completed the expansion of its manufacturing site in Brasov, Romania. The local team, led by Luana Costecu-Guran, Managing Director at Loedige Machine SRL and Ralf Gapp, Chief Production Officer of Lödige Industries, has already grown significantly to around 130 employees. Now, with more than 8,000 square metres, almost twice as much factory space is available for production and storage. In Brasov, Lödige Industries produces lifting and conveying technology for projects worldwide. Construction works for the hall extension began in March and have now been completed on time. The opening was celebrated with a big ceremony.

In addition to the employees, their families, various dignitaries, including local authorities, site team members were also invited to the opening event. Lödige Industries CEO Philippe De Backer addressed the local team in his speech, which he gave in Romanian: "Many of the exceptional machines we install in projects worldwide originate right here in Brasov. This site has evolved into a vital second pillar for Lödige Industries, and with this expansion, we are fortifying our capabilities to meet the demands of an ever-growing number of orders and projects." In addition to its plant in Scherfede, Germany, Lödige Industries started production in Brasov in 2006.

The celebration, organised with the support of the Kronwell Team, was not only a testimony to Lödige Industries' commitment to Brasov but also a showcase of local talent. The event featured the performance of the children from Casa PRICHINDEL, where Loedige Machine Romania is involved for many years, as part of its social responsibility in the local community. Close ties with the region are an important part of the international company's corporate culture. The guests enjoyed lively performances by the popular singer PEPE, Trupa 6 band, and the energetic traditional dances of Floricica dance group. The vibrant party programme added a local touch to the global success story of Lödige Industries.

Since its establishment in 2006, the plant in Basov has been an integral part of Lödige Industries, producing a wide range of lifting and handling machines, including lifting tables, elevating workstations, truck docks, and conveyors. These innovative solutions find applications in air freight terminals, car parking systems, and various global projects, contributing to the city's reputation as a hub of industrial excellence.

The opening ceremony took place in the new production hall of Lödige Industries in Prejmer, Brasov and included a fun activity area for children.
The choir of Casa de copii PRICHINDEL sang and played Romanian folk songs for the audience.
A presentation was given in Romanian by Philippe De Backer CEO of Lödige Industries. Luana Costescu-Guran, Managing Director of Loedige Machine SRL and Ralf Gapp, Chief Production Officer of Lödige Industries presented on current projects and the new production and storage facilities
Folklore Group Floricica delighted with their performance of traditional dances.
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