50 years at Lödige Industries in Scherfede

Erwin Wiemers is celebrating the 50th anniversary of joining Lödige Industries. In August 1969, at the age of 14, he took up his apprenticeship as a machine fitter (today ‘industrial mechanic’) at Lödige Industries, at that time still known as Dipl.-Ing. A. Lödige Maschinenbau. "Back then fourteen of us were rotating through the different departments and got to learn everything," the 64-year-old smiles at the memory. After training and military service, the production and installation of two lorry lifts at a large Austrian bank was Erwin Wiemers' first major project. He stayed in Vienna for three months. "The plant is still running today," he says, not without pride.

In the following years, he contributed to the installation of many major international projects of the company. Although, as he says, each project is special in its own right, he particularly remembers a project in China, where he spent more than a year. "Everything was incredibly exciting: the work, the temperatures, the food and the culture," says Erwin Wiemers.

In 1993, he then took over the management of the serial production department. Today, Erwin Wiemers looks after quality control from the machine acceptance at the factory to the on-site installation check. He still travels internationally, in connection with this.
As part of a celebration ceremony, Dr. Rudolf Lödige, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Lödige Industries, thanked him for 50 years of support for the company: "50 years of loyalty and active commitment to a single company, that is not something we see often and deserves our recognition."

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