Supporting the installation of volumetric scanners for Leading Middle East Cargo Hub

In October 2020, Lödige Industries has equipped a leading Middle East cargo hub with two Scanatrax units on behalf of Atrax. Due to the worldwide global Corona pandemic, the manufacturer, Atrax, was unable to travel and install of the Scanatrax units was properly managed by Lödige Industries in s short term.

Scanatrax is a volumetric scanner to accurately measure freight volumes. Customers benefit from the fast, accurate and reliable volumetric scanner. Hence, revenues can increase by up to ten percent when the users charge according to actual measured freight volume, instead of declared volume. The Scanatrax is designed, built and supported by Atrax, the global leader in freight weighing, dimensioning and related control systems for the airport and logistics industries.

Our team in the Middle East now has the know how in house to assemble and support the Scanatrax in the region of Middle East. We are glad that we have been able to support Atrax during these difficult times.

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