Lödige Industries equips luxury apartment and office complex - The Artesia

Lödige Industries, a leading supplier of automated parking systems and other industry solutions, has won the contract to deliver its 30th automated parking system in Amsterdam. The system will be installed in “The Artesia”, a conversion project transforming several buildings in Amsterdam’s prestigious Herengracht Street and neighbouring streets into a cohesive building complex, which is being developed by REB projects from Amsterdam. Lödige will install an automated parking system which has to be integrated into the historical building structures. To avoid damages to the premises and limit impact on local traffic, the basement will be constructed above ground to be lowered to its final position for completion. Installation of the parking system will begin in August 2021 and are expected to be concluded in March 2022.

The system is a turn-key solution which includes planning, final design, production, installation and commissioning to make sure that the complex requirements of the project can be fully satisfied. It utilises Lödige Industries’ proven and reliable RESPACE technology which makes optimum use of the available space and has been installed in 29 other Amsterdam locations since 1995. Vehicles are parked on a pallet in the parking cabin. Each vehicle pallet can be moved to any place in the system. All that is required is a free parking space. The garage offers 23 parking spots, with half of them equipped with e-charging for electric vehicles. This can later be extended to all spaces if desired. Lödige Industries has already prepared for this upgrade by ensuring that no additional power supply is necessary for the added e-charging. When no cars are being parked or retrieved power is made available to the charging, Operational costs are thus kept low for the owner of the building and the system can always operate reliably.For user comfort, the system can be accessed via an app to allow quick and convenient access.

The Artesia is surrounded by historical buildings and located adjacent to one of Amsterdam’s major canals, the Herengracht. The space for parking spots is limited and the project requirements are complex. Arthur van Brink, Managing Director Benelux, at Lödige Industries Benelux, explains the challenges of the project: “We thrive on challenging settings. Here we will have to build the new system between all these historical buildings and the canal. As a result the project developer and building constructor decided to construct the basement above the ground and to lower it to its final position once it is completed. That is not only the safest way to install the system, it will also reduce the impact of construction on the surrounding area. Planning the adaptation of the automated parking system to the limited space and fitting in the access for technicians was challenging, but today we are confident we will provide an excellent solution to the client.”

Christian Kanters of REB projects is happy to have found the right solution: “The collaboration with Lödige Industries on the Asteria is exactly what we needed to fulfil our plans for the area. We took a very close look at the different technologies available. What convinced us was the extremely space-efficient design of the pallet-based technology by Lödige Industries and their track record of existing fully functional systems all over Amsterdam.”

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