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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) for baggage and cargo ULDs

Increase the efficiency of your terminal

Lödige Industries is revolutionising the response to current challenges in air cargo handling with the introduction of intelligent automated guided vehicles (AGV) for flexible and scalable ULD transportation.

As integral element of fully automated cargo terminals, our new AGVs provide the link between import/export areas and build & break workzones as well as automated storage and retrieval systems. In manual terminals, they can enable cargo handlers to take the first step towards the benefits of automation. Quickly and easily route transportation inside your terminal. Assign routes via your warehouse management system (WMS) and reduce stationary equipment to create flexible, scalable and reliable cargo flows.

The data-based intelligence of our AGVs enables absolute accuracy and complete control over cargo flows. Reduce the potential for ULD damage, enable 24/7 operations and free workforce for higher value tasks.

Benefits of Lödige AGV

  • Reducing the need for stationary equipment
  • Connecting different functional areas of your terminal
  • Improving express freight flows
  • Optimise storage, weighing and x-ray processes

5 ft AGV

Dimensions (LxWxH) 3,075 x 1,730 x 790 mm
Conveying height 508 mm
Load Capacity 1,588 kg
Deadweight 1,400 kg
Drive technology Omnidirectional

10 ft AGV

Dimensions (LxWxH) 3,550 mm x 2,640 mm x 558 mm NEP
  (3,380 mm x 2,900 mm x 558 mm WEP)
Transfer height 508 mm
Load Capacity 6,800 kg
Deadweight 3,000 kg
Drive technology Omnidirectional


Safety: According to all relevant standards (EN1525, EN13849), 2 x laser scanner, LED indicator lights, 2 x emergency stops, 2 x plate stops (conveyor), 2 x 360° PTZ cameras.

Product launch of AGV

We officially launched our AGV at Inter Airport Europe in October 2019. Read the press release regarding the ULD AGV and its benefits.


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